USA Adventures

United States of America

Enjoy the best of America from scenic coastlines and majestic mountains to vast prairies, desolate deserts and breathtaking canyons.

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Canada Adventures


Explore Canada's lakes, mountains and wildlife, showcasing amazing natural beauty perfectly combined with all things adventurous.

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Alaska Adventures


Experience the wild and unspoilt beauty of Alaska, with endless opportunities for hiking, sightseeing and outdoor adventure.

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Mexico Adventures


With thousands of miles of pristine coastline, snow-capped volcanoes, tropical jungles & ancient Mayan ruins - Mexico has it all!

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Costa Rica Adventures

Costa Rica

With over 46 National Parks, private reserves and wildlife refuges, Costa Rica's natural paradise isn't short on adventure either.

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Cuba holidays


There really is only one Cuba, a slow paced and colourful country, rich in history where the old and the new converge with a salsa beat!

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South America Adventures


From the ancient Incas to brightly hued tropical birds and vibrant local markets - Peru is one of the most colourful nations in the Americas.

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Patagonia Adventure

Argentina & Chile

Travel to the end of the world and visit Iguazu's thundering waterfalls, Patagonia's dramatic mountains and Chile's moon-like deserts.

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King penguin


Accompanied by a team of experienced expedition guides and abundant wildlife, unleash the wonders of the icy white continent.

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