Drygalski Glacier Antarctica is the ultimate adventure destination; a completely unspoilt frozen wilderness, offering stark and pristine natural beauty and abundant wildlife. The 'white continent' is the most isolated place on earth, a truly a unique place, where you can follow in the footsteps of some of the some of the world's renowned explorers - Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen.

Our trips to Antarctica showcase an extraordinary array of wildlife; with penguins, whales, seals, the wandering albatross and a huge array of other birds. In a land with no indigenous human population, you will enjoy some of best wildlife viewing in the world and be astounded at how these creatures live, and flourish, in a seemingly harsh and unforgiving environment.

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Antarctica Cruise Highlights
  • 2 King penguins

    Penguins Perhaps Antarctica's most famous resident! Six species of penguin can be found on Antarctica; Adélies, Chinstraps, Gentoos, Macaronis, Rockhoppers and the Emperor Penguin, all with their own distinctive features and markings. These characteristic creatures are a joy to watch, often found in vast colonies, you cannot help but smile as the penguins waddle on land, and then skillfully dive into the water to hunt for krill and fish.

  • Crab eating seal

    Seals Five seal species can be found on Antarctica; leopard, crab eater, fur, Weddell and the elephant seal. Leopard seals are the largest and although they may look cute and furry, these seals are one of the most ferocious predators found in Antarctica; often on the look-out to pick up a penguin for lunch! Showing little fear of man, these creatures are often laid out on beaches, snow covered land or ice floes, and make fantastic subjects for photographs.

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    11 days | Antarctica | Hotels

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    The South Shetland Islands and the channels of the Antarctic Peninsula form arguably the most spectacular and certainly the most pristine environments on earth. This trip promises an astonishing adventure of wildlife and wilderness.

    Highlights: Untouched Antarctic scenery | Abundant wildlife

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