• 1. Learn About Your Destination Buy guidebooks or use the internet to learn something about the culture, history, politics, and geography of the places you'll be visiting. Most importantly, know how to be a good guest in the country or culture.

    Be open to different ways of thinking, living, and working. Accepting the cultural differences are all part of the travel experience.

  • 2. Learn The Language Learn a few simple words and phrases; "hello," "how are you?" "goodbye," "thank you." Even the simplest words and phrases will go a long way in allowing you to interact with the local people. And, no matter how little you know, it's always appreciated.

  • 3. Purchase Locally Made Goods Grand American Adventures uses local suppliers during our tours in order to return money to the local economy. We ask you to support our philosophy by purchasing locally made products when available.

  • 4. Conserve Precious Resources Reduce - When staying in hotels avoid having sheets and towels changed daily; turn off lights, air conditioner/heater and television when you are out and take shorter showers.

    Reuse - Avoid repeated purchases of plastic water bottles. Refill them where possible; use a water filtration system where not.

    Recycle - Many places we visit provide recycling facilities and we encourage you to use them when possible. We routinely recycle plastics, metals and paper products.

  • 5. Leave No Trace Leave no trace is a national and international campaign designed to assist outdoor enthusiasts about how to reduce their impacts when enjoying the outdoors. Because many of our trips spend time exploring National Parks and other "wilderness" areas familiarizing yourself with the "Leave No Trace" ethic will help you minimize your impact on the natural environment. Check out the Leave No Trace website for complete details on the program.

  • 6. Travel Smart > Keep a copy of your passport with loved ones in case of emergency.
    > Keep all personal items in a secure place while participating in activities or sightseeing.
    > Do not leave valuables with anyone that you do not know.
    > Never travel at night alone; especially in cities.
    > Extinguish all cigarettes completely and dispose of properly - fire can be a serious hazard and littering is against the law.

  • 7. Avoid Giving Money Or Candy To Children > Giving directly to children encourages begging and can undermine parents who cannot afford to give their children such items.
    > If you must give gifts give useful items - pens, paper, clothing, etc.
    > Give to organizations instead. While you may not get the immediate gratification of the smile on a child's face, the long term benefits are much more substantial.

  • 8. Become "Carbon Neutral" Grand American Adventures has teamed up with Climate Care to assist in offsetting your flight emissions. Please log onto www.climatecare.org for more information.

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