Denali National Park

This is your chance to venture into the realm of Mt Denali, North America's tallest mountain, where vast areas of alpine tundra and shimmering glacial lakes form the habitat for almost 500 different species of flowering plant, including: lupines, bluebells and fireweed. The decorated patchwork of hillsides provide a spectacular display of colour during spring through to summer and an excellent criss-cross of walking trails allow you to catch a glimpse of the animals which call Denali National Park their home. Caribou, moose and mountain sheep are literally everywhere and if you get the chance to glimpse a grizzly in its natural habitat then your Alaska adventure is bound to be hailed a complete success.

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Highlights & Activities
  • Alaskan mountain goat

    Wildlife All Denali National Park tours inevitably feature wildlife as part of their itinerary and with such a wide variety of animals within the park's perimeters it's easy to see why. This is quite simply one of Alaska's best preserved areas of wilderness and, with a blend of high-altitude forests and vast green plains, wildlife watching with a guide or independently will present some excellent results. From smaller critters, such as: beavers, marmots and ground squirrels to free-wheeling predators, including: hawks, falcons and golden eagles, this is a great opportunity to experience the wonderful wildlife of Alaska.

  • Grizzly bear

    Grizzly Bears One of the most incredible highlights of any trip to Alaska is the chance to see a grizzly bear in its natural habitat and as the park is estimated to hold around 200, you may just get your wish. Although in relation to other grizzlies the Denali bear is slightly on the smaller side this will make no difference whatsoever and catching your first sighting will always be an unforgettable experience. As hunting has never been permitted in the park this is one of the best locations to see a grizzly bear up close and with a further 200 black bears hiding in the forests.

  • Walking trails in Denali

    Walking Trails Ranger-led Denali tours are a great way to glean some insider knowledge and, from the best spots for wildlife to the most stunning views of Mount Denali, make sure you listen closely as you may just learn a thing or two. Trails can be as easy going or as challenging as you wish with glacial lakes, high-alpine tundra and thick forests, providing plenty of scenic backdrops as you explore and keep an eye out for animals. With trails promising untold natural images for photographers as well as plenty of clean, fresh, Alaska air for everybody else, walking in Denali can be a breath-taking experience in more ways than one.

  • Mt McKinley flight

    Scenic Flight over Mt. Denali If you've spotted a golden eagle in Denali National Park then you'll quite probably give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back however, the chance to fly like one is probably going to warrant even greater cause for celebration. A flight over the largest mountain in North America, Mount Denali, has to be, quite literally, up there with the best of them. Glacial hues, flower-strewn tundra and glistening melt-water lakes can all be viewed from what promises to be a thoroughly unique and absorbing perspective.

When to go
Temperature chart - Denali

Summer is the key time to visit Denali, when you will have the most access to the park and the most activities are possible. June is when the wild flowers tend to blossom most actively and even during July you'll find plenty of late bloomers. Daylight hours increase during the summer and you can expect to find practically 20 hour days of sunshine so don't forget your sleeping mask. As summer turns to winter, during late September, temperatures will drop however, the chance of seeing the northern lights will increase so the choice is yours. Winters in Denali National Park are renowned for their severity and access within the park is limited. Blink and you'll miss spring and autumn in Denali as winter goes directly into summer around June time and back to winter during the middle of September.

Insider Tip: Get off the beaten track
Denali National Park

As Denali National Park is one of the few preserved areas of wilderness where visitors are actively encouraged to explore a little further from the trail, you'll be able to get a lot closer to wildlife than you'd ever dared to imagine. Of course, following ranger instructions is definitely the way to go and keeping quiet is the best policy no matter what you're hoping to see. Exploring off-the-beaten track is an incredibly humbling experience and a must for anyone who wants to have a real taste of life beyond the last frontier.

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