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Wild, unspoiled Cape Breton National Park is one of Canada's true gems. Tucked away in the nation's smallest province, Nova Scotia, this park is a haven for diverse wildlife, and is made up of absolutely stunning landscapes. A trip here is not only a feast for the eyes, but the spirit of adventure, offering a host of excellent hiking trails and outdoor activities, such as sea kayaking. Established in 1936, the park is one of Nova Scotia's largest areas of protected wilderness, and is a must-visit for the keen nature lover and hiker.

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Highlights & Activities
  • Sea kayaking

    Sea kayaking There are few better ways to explore the stunning Cape Breton coastline than sea kayaking. This activity is not only exciting in its own right, but provides the wonderful opportunity of see the shoreline from another perspective. Paddle through the sea and see how many wonders you can spot; waterfalls, dramatic coastline, moon jellyfish and even eagles are just some of the sights to soak up.

  • Cape Breton forest stream

    Photography Famous for its spectacular combination of striking highlands and rugged coastal scenery, Cape Breton National Park is an absolute joy for keen photographers. Among the most scenic spots is the Cape Breton Highlands, but the beauty of this reserve is that in addition to the star attractions, there are countless other treasures to capture through a lens. Steep cliffs, deep river canyons and a rich variety of wildlife await.

  • Moose

    Wildlife Thanks to the varied landscape and cool maritime climate, a wide range of species thrive here. The forests, mountains, lakes, rivers and coastline play host to fascinating creatures such as black bears, moose and bald eagles; indeed, both northern and southern species can be found here, such is the variety of available habitats - and the protected environment that allows them to thrive. For the visitor, this presents an incredible chance to spot a dizzying array of creatures in one park.

  • Skyline Trail, Cape Breton

    Hiking Cape Breton National Park also presents a variety of exciting opportunities for hikers - not least because of the medley of stunning landscapes and mesmerising wildlife that can be seen along the way. The park possesses several excellent hiking trails that will lead you through a mixture of its natural, cultural and historical heritage; among the most famous is the Fleur-de-Lis Trail, which spans 260 km and runs along the south of Cape Breton Island.

When to go
Temperature chart - Cape Breton

Fall is the perfect time to visit this sublime national park, when the gold, orange and crimson hues of the season are in full bloom. Indeed, the kaleidoscope of colour created makes this the best time for keen photographers particularly.

Outside of fall, it is best to travel after May to avoid showers. July and August are the warmest months in which to visit, while winter should be avoided.

Insider Tip

There is nothing quite like admiring Cape Breton National Park from the water. Giving you an incredible view of the remote, rugged coastline, sea kayaking also provides the perfect opportunity for wildlife spotting. Indeed, as well as coming across a whole host of exciting creatures in the water - the gentle coves are ideal for spying the smallest of these - you actually have the chance to observe some of the most interesting animals on land too. Particularly exciting to come across are puffins, which return to land to mate, and moose, which at almost 2m at the shoulder, are rather impressive.

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