Fundy National Park

This incredibly scenic area of New Brunswick has quite rightly been designated as a national park and if you're hoping to make the most of the Maritimes then a trip to Fundy will no doubt fulfil all of your wildest dreams. Covering some 80sq miles of Acadian forests roll down to rough and woolly coastline and dotted with 25 waterfalls and crystal clear streams, Fundy NP offer stunningly pristine wilderness. A visit to the national park HQ in the village of Alma is a great idea before starting out and also gives you a chance to stock up on lobster and scallops just to give you that extra burst of energy.

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Highlights & Activities
  • Bay of Fundy

    The Bay of Fundy Boasting the highest and most dramatic tidal range on the planet as well as some superb areas for bird and wildlife spotting, the Bay of Fundy is one of the most beautiful areas in the whole of eastern Canada. Local landmarks, such as the Hopewell Rocks, are the product of the bay's severe tides and exploring the pools and strange sandstone formations at low tide is a real joy. Other notable locations include Mary's Point and Cape Enrage which both provide more than their fair share of jagged coastline as well as the oldest lighthouse in New Brunswick.

  • Acadian Forests

    Acadian Forests The green highlands of Fundy offer a wealth of spruce, birch and maple trees as well as hundreds of different plant species so you'll be in for an Acadian treat no matter what time of year you're thinking of visiting. Of course, the changing foliage around the autumn is simply stunning and if you're a fan of early mornings, shrouded in mist and not another soul around then you could be in for an experience to truly remember.

  • Village of Alma

    Village of Alma As mentioned, the village of Alma is the location of Fundy National Park's head office and if you're hoping to gleam some insider info then this should be your first port of call. As with many working coastal villages, Alma's economy centres upon the fishing industry which is great news if you're hankering for the freshest of fresh catch of the day that invariably equates to lobster, scallops and a few salmon thrown in for good measure.

  • Fundy National Park

    Walking trails There's nothing better than an early morning hike to put you in the mood for a spot of lunch overlooking the ocean and as Fundy National Park has over 25 trails available you may find yourself spoiled for choice. Boardwalks, forests, marshlands and the ever-popular Dickson Waterfalls can all be enjoyed any day of the week and if you're planning to take a stroll during late September then prepare for an explosion of canopy colour to brighten even the chilliest of days.

When to go
Temperature chart - Fundy National Park

Even during the winter months, Fundy provides plenty of excuses to get out into the wilds and from cross-country skiing to snowshoe shuffling, the park covered in white is pretty darn impressive. Also, thanks to Fundy NP's location, between the Bay and New Brunswick, you'll find cooler summers and warmer winters in comparison to the rest of the province. Temperatures do tend to drop off the closer you are to the coast so be prepared with an extra layer when planning a hike. As you'd expect, summer months attracts a fair few crowds but there's loads of space and you'll no doubt find yourself in good company with fellow outdoor enthusiasts making up the lion's share of visitors. May to early June is a great time to be on your lonesome but there's no getting away from the leaf chasers come the autumn but who cares with such a colourful foliage on display.

Insider Tip: Visit the secret garden
Waterfall in Fundy National Park

Located deep within the forest, just a 10 minute stroll from the beach, An Artist's Garden provides a sumptuous blend of herb, flower and art within a delightful setting. Verging on the slightly wild side of organic this is a great place to indulge your senses and you'll find paintings, pottery, weavings and watercolours all created by local Alma artists. Evening meals using garden produce are a great way to end any day in Fundy National Park and if you fancy taking a nip of 'erb just to whet your palate then you're more than encouraged to do so.

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