Kluane National Park
Kluane Lake
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Kluane National Park
Kluane Lake

The Yukon's premier national park, Kluane National Park and Reserve presents a breathtaking mix of dramatic glacial scenery and astonishing wildlife. This land of superlatives is not only home to the Canada's tallest peak, Mount Logan, but also its largest icefield. And, for nature lovers, the most diverse population of grizzly bears in North America. This spectacular setting paves the way for memorable hikes, exciting wildlife spotting opportunities, and relaxation.

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Highlights & Activities
  • Kluane Lake

    Hiking up Sheep Mountain Providing spectacular 360-degree views from its summit, Sheep Mountain is an immensely rewarding and challenging hike. The steep and strenuous climb is peppered with treasures, including the chance to spot wild dall sheep and grizzlies along the ridges. Ideal for keen hikers, this optional activity is also likely to be a highlight for photography enthusiasts, thanks to the potential for both outstanding landscape and wildlife shots.

  • Caribou

    Spotting caribou and grizzlies While much of the park is made up of ice, it has a green belt that provides habitats for an array of wildlife. Venturing into this green belt will give you the chance to see everything from small mammals, such as coyotes and wolverines, to large species like caribou and grizzly bears. Interestingly, this park is actually home to the most genetically diverse population of grizzly bears in the whole of North America. With the changing of the seasons, the bears move between alpine meadows and valleys. Some 150 bird species have also been recorded in the park, so be sure to look up from time to time.

  • Kluane National Park

    Mountain and glacial scenery More than 80% of this park's surface area is made up of mountains and ice, so it's little surprise that the scenery here is so splendid. Stare in awe at the towering mountains that surround you, gaze at serene lakes and be captivated by dramatic valley glaciers, shaped by years of erosion by glaciers and glacial streams. The green belt, meanwhile, provides a very different setting awash with forests populated by white spruce, balsam poplar and trembling aspen - and the many wildlife species that call this area home.

  • Kluane Lake

    Relaxing by Lake Kluane While there is a wealth of things to do in this captivating reserve, it is certainly worth taking the opportunity to simply relax, enjoying the scenery and ambience. The largest lake contained entirely within the Yukon, Kluane Lake is the ideal place to simply relax and take in the view.

When to go
Temperature chart - Kluane National Park

Kluane's climate varies across the park, thanks to its location; it receives a combination of mild air from the Pacific and arctic air from the northern interior of the Yukon. Generally speaking, the southern part of the park is both warmer and wetter, while the Kluane Front Ranges are drier and cooler. Overall, June, July and August are the optimum months to visit.

Insider Tip
Bald Eagle

The park is an utterly fantastic destination for twitchers; approximately 150 species of bird have been spotted here. It is believed that 118 of these actually nest in the park. Among the species to look out for are birds of prey, such as bald eagles, golden eagles and falcons, to mountain bluebirds and yellow-rumped warblers.

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