Niagara Falls

There can't be many more magnificent examples of nature's strength and beauty other than Niagara Falls and if you find yourself in eastern Canada then this will undoubtedly provide the backbone to many a good slide show upon your return home. The iconic setting is actually a combination of 3 separate waterfalls with the largest, Horseshoe Falls, residing in Ontario whilst American and Bridal Veil lie south of the border in New York state. Flowing with a huge expanse of water, there's no better way to experience the true power of the falls than with an up close experience on a must do Maid of the Mist Boat Tour; be ready to be impressed by the immense roar of the water and for the notorious drenching.

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Highlights & Activities
  • Niagara Falls View

    Canadian "Horseshoe" Falls Canada's contribution to the greatest natural show on earth comes in the impressive form of Horseshoe Falls which takes into account the vast majority of the Niagara River's flow and is a huge source of hydroelectric power as well as an awesome tourist magnet. Although Horseshoe does straddle both countries it's pretty much regarded as the Canadian Falls and the Table Rock Centre is an excellent venue to observe and learn about one of the most intrinsically captivating sights on the planet.

  • Niagara Falls

    American Falls Located completely in New York state, this is the second-largest of the 3 waterfalls at just over 100 feet tall with a width of about 830 feet. The best viewing platform is Luna Island which can be accessed upstream via a footbridge and is situated right in between American and Bridal Veil falls. The photo ops are plentiful and afterwards there are always the nature trails, visitor centres and picnic tables of Niagara Falls State Park to occupy the rest of your day.

  • Niagara Falls Viewpoint

    Bridal Veil Falls The smallest of the Niagara Falls but none the less impressive, Bridal Veil is situated on the American side of the border and weighs in at just under 80 feet tall with a width of some 56 feet. One of the temptations of all trips to Niagara Falls is to get as close as possible and thanks to some opportune red-wood decking visitors to Bridal can do just that. This is an excellent means of seeing the tumbling water at base level as you get to descend via lift to the Cave of the Winds and the might of Bridal Falls above.

  • Niagara Falls Boat Trip

    Maid of the Mist Cruise There's only one way to truly say that you've experienced the might of Niagara Falls and that's to pass by all 3 waterfalls on-board one of the Maid of the Mist tour boats. Don your special blue raincoat and embark from either side of the border before switching your camera to its most aquatic-friendly setting. This is quite a unique trip and pretty humbling when you find yourself in the presence of such an inordinate amount of falling water just a stone's skim away.

When to go
Temperature chart - Niagara Falls

No matter how hot it is during the summer, the mist and spray experienced on Niagara Falls tours will undoubtedly quench even the most vehement of sun's rays. That said, during July and August the crowds do tend to go up but this is with good reason and there's a fair bit of space. Any time from October onwards can see the advent of snow and many of the attractions and access routes aren't widely used during the winter period. Spring time is not at all warm but there are less crowds so pack your best fleece and brave the elements if you fancy making the pilgrimage before June.

Insider Tip: Best view points
Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist ponchos

Table Rock is undoubtedly one of the best places to observe the majesty of Niagara Falls and you'll also receive a complimentary eco-friendly poncho for your trouble. Very reasonably priced and packed-full of information and knowledgeable tour guides the welcome centre offers a lift descent to some 150 feet whereupon you'll find yourself at the mouth of an underground tunnel that leads to the back of the tumultuous Horseshoe Falls. Alternatively, if you fancy viewing from a different perspective, the White Water Walk allows you to watch whirlpools and touch the 4 million-year-old rock face.

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