Nova Scotia

Even though Nova Scotia is Canada's second-smallest province it still holds some of the country's most stunning natural sights and with a strong ethnic heritage as well as 2 national parks, this is an excellent location and one of the most beautiful in all of the Maritimes. Cape Breton falls under the Nova Scotian banner and if you're into riverside walks and hiking trails within a rich variety of habitats, then you've certainly plumped for the right spot. For anyone who's encountered the Scottish Highlands, you may get a slight feeling of déjà vu and it will come as no surprise that the French translation for Nova Scotia is, in fact, New Scotland. From the maritime heritage of port towns, such as Halifax and Lunenburg, to the picturesque fishing villages along the rugged shoreline, Nova Scotia is a captivating place and a superb choice for all lovers of knitted jumpers and lobster suppers.

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Highlights & Activities
  • Moose

    Wildlife Viewing The coastline and the national parks of Nova Scotia are teeming with wildlife and anyone interested in nature trails and bird watching will be in their absolute element. Moose, turtles, deer and beaver are all inhabitants of this eastern Canadian province and if you're really lucky you may just get to spot a bald eagle wheeling overhead. Coastal walkers will be treated to a plethora of gannets and gulls with a glimpse of a whale's tale rising from the Atlantic providing an unforgettable moment.

  • Cape Breton sea kayaking

    Sea Kayaking Buoyancy aids on, paddles up and away you go! Sea kayaking in scenic spots, such as Cape Breton, allows you to observe life from a whole new perspective and from filling your lungs with sea air to finding hidden caves, waterfalls and eagle's nests, there's no better way to explore the coast. Your professional guide will help you get to grips with the basics before pointing you in the right direction so you can discover the secrets of Nova Scotia under your own steam.

  • Halifax waterfront

    Halifax The capital of Nova Scotia has a deep maritime and ethnic heritage which is reflected in the town's museums and cultural centres which are the perfect place to start if you're wishing to find out more about the area. Stroll a little further and the fortifications on Citadel Hill, including Fort George and the Town Clock, allow you to get ever-closer to the province's past as well as offering some excellent views of the bay. From harbour trails and waterfront cafés to art galleries and farmers' markets, Halifax is well-worth a visit wherever your interests lie.

  • Cape Breton Highlands

    Cape Breton Highlands National Park Any trip to eastern Canada will be complimented with a day spent within the boundaries of Cape Breton Highlands National Park and from the Skyline Trail to the Cabot Trail this is an exceptional area for lovers of rugged Atlantic scenery. Hikes within the park are a superb way to get to know the natural beauty of Nova Scotia with picturesque fishing villages and local heritage centres more than adding to the overall experience.

When to go
Temperature chart - Nova Scotia

As Nova Scotia holds some of its most popular festivals in the summer, including the International Tattoo and Halifax Jazz, you may wish to time your visit accordingly as the island really comes alive without getting too busy. As far as the climate is concerned, springtime is usually pretty changeable so any time after late May is better if you're hoping to avoid showers and fresher conditions. July and August give you the best chance of warmth although a dip in the Atlantic is still slightly chilling and beach dwellers will be best served mid-to-late summer. The autumnal foliage is out in full force from late September and a trip to Cape Breton National Park presents the best of the best. Winters are pretty bleak but devoid of any crowds and give you an excellent opportunity to experience the coastal trails and rural communities far from the madding crowds.

Insider Tip: Halifax farmers market
Halifax farmers market

The Farmers' Market in Halifax is where the locals and the tourists come to mingle amongst an array of art, craft and food stalls displaying a whole host of Nova Scotian goodies. The boardwalk location, at the end of Halifax waterfront, gives you easy access to loads of different vendors and stroll a little further to Garrison's micro-brewery and you'll get to wash down all that artisan bread and lobster with a drop of the local ale. Saturdays are the best time to visit and if you're looking to take home some authentic souvenirs you may want to create some extra space in your suitcase.

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