Cuba Holidays Grand American Adventures discovery tours will get to the very heart and soul of the places you visit. Our discovery tours aim to reveal some of the most diverse regions in the Americas, taking in their iconic sites unique cultures, amazing vistas, natural wonders and wildlife. From following the historic path of Route 66 to exploring the Rockies by rail, soaking up the cultural and musical heritage of the USA's Deep South or discovering the unique flavour of Cuba you are assured an experience to remember.

Generally our Discovery tours will have a more leisurely feel, allowing you to explore at your own pace. With plenty of free time and optional activities to suit any interest you can be as active as you choose. You'll stay in comfortable hotels chosen for their close proximity to the highlights, or perhaps aboard a small cruise ship or a train for a room with a view.

Get under the skin of some of the Americas most diverse regions with Grand American Adventures trekked the fabled Inca Trail; and it has always been our passion to share these experiences with you.

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Featured Discovery Holidays


    11 days | USA East | Hotels

    Jun-Sep from


    From mountains to beaches and historical cities the Carolina's are exciting and interesting states just waiting for you to explore. See trees dripping with moss and walk beneath the majestic old growth forests of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

    Highlights: Atlanta | Charleston | Great Smoky Mountains

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    14 days | Cross Country | Hotels

    Jul-Sep from


    Immortalized in folklore, cinema and song, Route 66, otherwise known as the 'Mother Road', has become an iconic symbol of the great American road trip; a journey of adventure, discovery and the freedom of the open road.

    Highlights: Classic Americana Culture | Grand Canyon

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    13 days | USA / Canada | Hotels

    Jun-Sep from


    Explore cosmopolitan cities, small country towns and picturesque landscapes, and discover the New World for yourself. Colonial New England and French Canadian culture offer a perfect mix of yesterday and today.

    Highlights: Boston | Toronto | Montreal | Niagara Falls

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    12 days | USA South | Hotels

    Apr-Dec from


    A journey through America's cultural and musical heritage; back in time to the beginning of Country and Western and the birth of the Blues. Learn how these unique genres sprung out of America's past and how they've influenced popular music today.

    Highlights: New Orleans | Nashville | Memphis

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    22 days | Cross Country | Camping/Hotels

    Jun-Jul from


    Starting in San Francisco, journey to the neon lights of Las Vegas, hike down into the mighty Grand Canyon, explore Monument Valley and feel the musical pulse of Nashville and Memphis before ending your trip with time at the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls.

    Highlights: Coast to Coast | Best of the Lower 48

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    14 days | Canada | Hotels

    Jun-Aug from


    This wildlife tour through the jagged peaks, glacier-carved valleys and pristine blue lakes of the Canadian Rockies is a treat for the senses. This trip visits those unmissable sites but also delves deeper, venturing off the beaten track.

    Highlights: Banff | Jasper | Inside Passage | Tofino

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    15 days | Cuba | Hotels

    Jan-Dec from


    The time for visiting Cuba is now, while the old colonial cities still stand and 1950s cars still drive the streets. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of La Isla Grande - the music, the beaches, the people; you won't ever want to leave.

    Highlights: Havana | Baracoa | Trinidad

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