At Grand American Adventures we believe that your safety and enjoyment are the most important parts of your holiday. Therefore, extensive travel insurance is mandatory whenever you travel.

We recommend you take out insurance as soon as your booking is confirmed. You MUST be covered by insurance that includes adequate coverage for baggage, medical expenses and the cost of repatriation should you become too ill to continue to travel. In addition to this, we strongly recommend that you include coverage for tour cancellation in the event that you must cancel your reservation prior to departure because of serious illness or injury to yourself, a member of your immediate family or traveling companions. (Please see sections 3, 4, 5 and 15 of our Booking Terms).

If you join a Grand American Adventures tour without adequate insurance you MAY NOT be allowed to continue with no right to a refund. It is a mistake to think that it will never happen to you.

The Grand American Adventures policy shown below is specially designed to include all the activities listed in our brochure and on this website. If you have arranged alternative insurance please ensure your own policy covers all the optional activities you may wish to participate in. Please note that travel insurance provided free of charge by credit card companies may not provide cover for adventurous activities, tour cancellation or sufficient medical coverage for North America.

For persons aged 56-69 years at the time of arranging insurance, double the premium is charged. For those 70 - 74 years the premium is triple. For those 75 years and over and over please refer to Campbell Irvine on +44 (0) 207 938 1734 for advice.

For helpful advice on travel insurance, download our insurance tips.

Download our Insurance Tips

Our Travel Insurance Policy

  • The Grand American Adventures policy will cover all those who reside within the EU.

    Our travel insurance policy is provided by Campbell Irvine Ltd. who are available on +44 (0) 207 938 1734 to help you with any enquiries that you may have relating to the cover offered.

    If you wish to purchase our travel insurance please indicate on your booking form or by selecting the relevant box on the on-line booking system. The payment will automatically be deducted from your credit card in addition to the tour deposit or full payment.

    Euro e
    Single Trip up to 10 days:
    Single Trip up to 17 days:
    Single Trip up to 25 days:
    Single Trip up to 50 days:
    Single Trip up to 90 days:
    Each additional month:
    Annual Multi-trip* 1 person (incl. up to 4 children) :
    Annual Multi-trip* Family (2 adults & up to 4 children):
    Single Trip Excess Waiver**:
    Annual Excess Waiver**:
    Cancellation only cover:

    * The Annual Multi-Trip insurance offers coverage for unlimited trips up to 70 days in duration and is often better value for if embarking on a longer trip. This is only available to UK or EU clients under 70 years of age. Multi-trip insurance includes Winter Sports cover.

    ** If you make a claim you will be liable for the first UK£70 (UK£250 for legal expenses) of each and every claim. This is called the insurance excess. To avoid this charge, we offer an excess waiver which is paid in addition to your normal premium as shown above. No policy excess applies for claims arising from personal accident, loss of deposit only, travel delay and temporary loss of baggage.

    Child Reduction: Premiums are reduced by half for children aged 18 years or less at the time of booking, if travelling with an insured adult insured under this scheme.

    For persons aged 56-65 years at the time of arranging insurance, double the premium is charged. For those 70 years and over please refer to Campbell Irvine on 020 7938 1734 for advice.

    All premiums shown are inclusive of Insurance Premium tax at the applicable rate.


    Section A:*
    Medical Expenses
    Hospital Benefit
    Criminal Injuries
    Diagnostic Tests

    Section B
    Personal Liability

    Section C (Personal Accident):
    Permanent Loss of Sight
    Loss of Limb(s)
    Permanent Total Disablement

    Section D:
    Cancellation or Curtailment

    Section E:
    Delayed Departure or Arrival
    Hijack of aircraft
    Interruption of transport
    Delayed Tour Expenses

    Section F:
    Personal Effects

    Passport & Visas

    Section G:
    Legal Expenses

    Cover up to:
    GBP 5,000,000
    GBP 200
    GBP 5,000
    GBP 10,000

    GBP 2,000,000

    GBP 25,000
    GBP 25,000
    GBP 25,000
    GBP 10,000

    GBP 5,000

    GBP 100
    GBP 3,000
    GBP 300
    GBP 150

    GBP 2,000
    (Valuables limited to GBP 350)
    (Single Article Limit GBP 250)
    (Disc Collections GBP 200)
    GBP 500
    GBP 1,000
    GBP 250

    GBP 15,000

    Excess payments:
    £70 per claim per section per person except for Section D - temporally lost baggage, loss of deposit, travel restriction, personal accident and personal liability which are not subject to an excess.

    UKGBP 250 in respect of section G - Legal Expenses only.

    To avoid this charge, we offer an excess waiver which is paid in addition to your normal premium as shown in the Premium table above.

    Geographical areas:
    USA and Worldwide

    Important note:
    This is only a summary of cover. Full details of the cover provided are shown on your policy document which will be sent to you upon receipt of payment of premium, please read it carefully to ensure you understand the cover provided. Should you wish a specimen, a copy will be made available prior to purchase upon request. If the insurance does not meet your requirements you may return the documentation within 21 days of the purchase or prior to travel if this is sooner and, provided no claim has been made, obtain a refund. This insurance is offered on a none-advised basis from a single insurer.

    All premiums shown are inclusive of Insurance Premium tax at the applicable rate.

    The 24 hour worldwide emergency medical service is provided by Healix Assistance, experts in providing friendly and professional emergency help around the clock.

    Trek America Travel Limited trading as Grand American Adventures is an Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Ltd who are authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    The policy will only cover those residing within the E.U.

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