Meet the Team Here at Grand American Adventures we are proud to be a small and specialist team that is dedicated to providing you with the best possible holiday in North, Central or South America. Many of our team have worked or travelled extensively in the Americas, and some have previously led tours all across the USA and Canada. We are passionate about all things Americas, and look forward to sharing our love of this diverse region with you. Here's a chance for you to meet our team.

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Meet the Sales & Reservations Experts

  • Our friendly and knowledgeable Americas Adventure Specialists are here to answer your questions, book your holiday and make sure you have everything you need before you travel. They are ready to share to their knowledge and help you to choose the holiday that's right for you. Meet the people you will speak to when you get in touch with us.

  • Matt

    Matt - Sales Manager
    My favourite place in the Americas
    Alaska. For anyone who likes the outdoors this is the place. It is so easy to really be in the wild and to enjoy the natural environment. Everything is big; whether it's the glaciers, the bears, the salmon, the trains, the trucks, or even the people!

    The best activity I did on my last trip
    Kayaking near the Columbia Glacier trying to avoid ice bergs whilst hearing glaciers creek and move. It's as if the earth is breathing and is alive.

    One reason I enjoy travelling in a small group
    Camaraderie of the group, being able to share experiences, getting to know people quickly due to the time you spend and cool stuff you do together.

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    Being able to talk about your travels and knowing that what people are booking will genuinely be a great trip. You have to put in to get out, but the trips on offer really do visit some amazing places.

  • Danielle

    Danielle - Americas Specialist (and former tour leader)
    My favourite place in the Americas
    City = San Francisco. Natural = Yosemite and anywhere in southern Utah . San Francisco is such a diverse, colourful city with so many great things to see and do and it's easy to get around, Yosemite and southern Utah for their stunning beauty, amazing geological features and history. Postcard views in all directions.

    The best activity I did on my last trip
    Hiking into a primitive area with unmaintained trails. It involved a lot of scrambling and looking for cairns. We were truly in the middle of nowhere and didn't see another soul for hours.

    My American icon
    BB King, Steven Spielberg, Jack Daniels, Harley Davidson, Dr Seuss and Henry Ford

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    We've got a great team of people in our office who are fun and well-travelled. We have a light hearted environment and everyone can really be themselves.

  • Jon

    Jon - Americas Specialist
    My last visit to the Americas
    Alaska in February to see the Northern Lights and get some understanding as to what the word 'cold' really means.

    My favourite place in the Americas
    Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It's a beautiful, super-friendly cowboy town on the edge of Yellowstone National Park . Rivers, wildlife, ranches, horse-riding in the summer and in the winter the most beautiful place I have ever skied to boot.

    The best activity I did on my last trip
    Learning to mush and dogsledding overnight to a remote barn was a lot of fun. Cold though...

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    I love America. Best National Parks, best snow, best burgers, ok beer and everyone can speak English!

  • Kerry

    Kerry - Americas Specialist
    One reason I enjoy travelling in a small group
    Travelling in small groups really allows you to get to know everyone so well. I have made great friends on all of the trips I have been on and we still even have group reunions to this day. As a small group you get the opportunity to hear about everyone's travel stories and adventures and it's these reasons that make being on trips more of a journey and adventure, rather than just a holiday.

    If you could meet one American idol who would it be and why?
    John Mayer. One of the best songwriters and the best guitarist of my generation.

    Favourite American food?
    There's so many awesome restaurants in America, however I would have to say the Cheesecake Factory has the best red velvet cake I have ever tasted!

  • Natasha

    Natasha - Americas Specialist
    Favourite place in the America?
    I'm still struggling to pick a favourite... I've been to 19 states out of 50 so far! Best places so far would be California (can't pick a specific place) or New York, Boston, Florida is also amazing!

    Your favourite all-American food and why?
    Burger and fries any day! ...with a milkshake!

    Who is your American icon?
    Jennifer Lawrence!

    One reason why you love group travel?
    Group Travel is an amazing experience! You'll never go with the same people on the same trip and experience the same things a second time! Every trip is different and you'll meet people you will stay in contact with for years!

  • Nina

    Nina - Americas Specialist
    My favourite place in the Americas
    Vancouver Island . The scenery is breath-taking, majestic and offers spectacular natural beauty. I loved the tranquillity and remoteness.

    One reason I enjoy travelling in a small group
    It's fun! Travelling with like-minded people and making new friends from all over the globe!

    My American icon
    Coretta Scott King

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    You can talk about travel and adventures all day!

  • Aisling

    Aisling - Groups Executive
    My favourite place in the Americas
    This is definitely a tough one, but I think my favourite place has to be Louisiana (can I have a whole state?). I just love the contrast of the slow pace of life in the small towns of the bayous, the buzz of New Orleans and the vast wilderness of wetlands with their fragile ecosystem of swamps and marshes.

    American icon
    Apart from my passion for travel, my second vice is food! So, I think that my icon would have to be the amazing, and often far from humble Hamburger. Yes I have had some rubbish ones in my time, but the all American Hamburger has been elevated to an art form in the US of A.

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    Well, what's not to like. Not only do I get to work with a great team of people, but working with our customers to help them put together a private trip for friends and family for a special birthday or anniversary, planning a school adventure, or working on a bespoke adventure for a special interests group really gives me enormous personal satisfaction. It is great when you know that you have created a trip of a life time and created memories that people will treasure for years to come.

  • Andy

    Andy - Flights Manager
    My last visit to the Americas
    A week's touring of Boston and surrounding areas.

    My favourite place in the Americas
    Boston, it's a city to walk around and it has a lot of Colonial history, with its buildings and traditional cobbled streets. Boston is renowned for its fish soup chowder as well as having some of the best fish and lobster eateries around. Being in Boston also gives you the chance to visit New England with its beautiful scenery, as well as Cape Cod where you can see the whales at certain times of year.

    The best activity I did on my last trip
    I was lucky to go whale watching and it's amazing when you get to see one close up.

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    The satisfaction of knowing we are sending people on their trip of a life time where they could meet new lifelong friends.

Meet the Team behind the scenes

  • Behind the scenes there is a whole range of people who do everything from designing the trips to looking after the website, producing the brochures and much, much more. Here's an introduction to the rest of the Grand American Adventures team.

  • Andrew

    Andrew - E-Commerce Manager
    My last visit to the Americas
    Visiting our Operations Office in California.

    My favourite place in the Americas
    Western Canada. I love mountain scenery and the Canadian Rockies just blew me away. The absolute highlight for me was the Icefields Parkway between Jasper & Banff National Parks. It's been described as one of the world's most spectacular drives and I would second that! Each turn was an unbelievable 360 degree panorama of lakes, valleys and glaciers with the Rockies as the backdrop.

    One reason I enjoy travelling in a small group
    Leaving all the logistics to the tour leader!

    American icon
    Van Halen

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    A fun & unique working environment with a dedicated team of travellers.

  • Amy

    Amy - Marketing Manager
    One reason why you love group travel
    Definitely the people you meet. I've met some amazing friends travelling in a group that I would probably never bump into in my everyday life. I even did the reading at my very first 'tent mate's' wedding! I've never done a group trip where I haven't come away with a least half a dozen new friends and the experiences you have really seem to bond everyone together like magic.

    Your favourite all-American food and why
    Anything sweet! Deep dish apple pie, Ben & Jerry's, waffles, s'mores (a campfire favourite), Mississippi mud pie, anything from Cinnabon... I've got a bit of a sweet tooth in case you hadn't noticed! That said, there's some pretty strong savoury food to be had as well!

    Your best memory from your last trip to the States
    When I first set eyes on the Golden Gate Bridge. That was the moment I knew my trip (Western Wonder) was going to be a pretty epic adventure and it definitely didn't fail. Take me back now!

  • Aneesa

    Aneesa - Graphic Designer
    My favourite place in the Americas
    So far... it has to be Yosemite National Park . It was just stunning! I'd seen so many pictures of this National Park, I really wanted to see it for real, it has such a unique and dramatic landscape, so atmospheric. The day I was there it was a raining it the morning, so a bit misty at first but then all of a sudden the clouds started to dissolve and this amazing view emerged! It was magical and you could see so far off into the distance.

    The best activity I did on my last trip
    It was actually the camping as I'd never camped before! I loved it, the whole experience of setting up camp, doing your own cooking, getting supplies. It was very satisfying to be so self-sufficient, having everything you need with you - gives you nice sense of freedom.

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    We are a small team with a lot of personality! We are all individual, we are all opinionated and we are all passionate about what we do!

  • David

    David - Commercial & Yield Manager
    What is your favourite place in the Americas?
    It has to be British Columbia. The scenery is jaw dropping and the air feels so clean. I just love the sense of freedom you get travelling by Canoe with your camping gear on board. It's a magical feeling to be self-sufficient; catching dinner, making a fire, making camp and enjoying a night under the stars.

    One reason I enjoy travelling in a small group
    Travelling in a group gives you courage to try things you wouldn't usually do. Whenever I've taken the plunge, these have been some of the most memorable times. Also you get to try all the local food when everyone chooses something different!

    Who is your favourite American icon?
    I love Clint Dempsey who scored probably the most important goal in the history of Fulham Football Club (my team). It was late in the game and we led by an unbelievable three goals to one against Juventus (we needed to win 4-1 to advance to the next round). When Clint struck the ball it seemed to hang in the air for a lifetime before finding the top corner and the crowd went nuts!

    Why do you love working for Grand American Adventures?
    I love working for a small team of like-minded people. It's a fun business to work in and I'm always discovering new things and having new experiences.

  • Iain

    Iain - Product Development Manager
    My last visit to the Americas
    My last visit was for a dedicated walking trip called National Parks Walk . I chose this tour as I have a passion for walking and it is after all, one of the best ways to experience the brilliant wilderness of America.

    My favourite place in the Americas
    Bryce Canyon. It has an amazing lunar landscape appearance, similar to what I imagine I would see having landed on the moon. The hoodoo's, shaped and carved over millions of years pave the valley floor for miles and the view from the top, versus that up close amongst them is vastly different.

    My American icon
    Ansel Adams who paved the way through black and white photography, to bring the beauty of American national parks to the public domain.

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    Working with people who are American, know America and are good fun.

  • Lindsey

    Lindsey - Marketing and Social Media Executive
    My last visit to the Americas
    My last visit was to South America; visiting amazing places such as the Atacama Desert, Iguazu Falls, Machu Picchu and Patagonia

    My favourite place in the Americas
    I think I will have to go with beautiful Patagonia, just because of the endless opportunities to have fun there, from snowboarding to hiking and of course sampling the delicious chocolates!

    My American icon
    Amelia Earhart; the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, a true inspiration to any female adventurer!

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    A team of like-minded people who are passionate about inspiring and encouraging people of all ages to go out and see this beautiful world. What's not to love?

  • Lou

    Lou - Head of Marketing
    My favourite place in the Americas
    The Grand Canyon. It may be one of the most famous sites in the USA, but it totally deserves to be! Nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse of this vast landscape, and no photograph will show how stunning the canyon is when the colours change as the sun sets over the canyon.

    The best activity I did on my last trip
    Hiking the Mist Trail to Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park . Part way along the trail we hit a point where we could feel the fresh mist on our faces and see the beautiful falls veiled by a rainbow - an amazing walk!

    My American icon
    Walt Disney. His creations are some of the best loved characters in the world, and have brought hours of entertainment to generation after generation of children and adults alike.

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    Working with such a well-travelled group of people - there's not a day that goes by without a travel story or anecdote!

  • Milly

    Milly - Marketing and Social Media Executive
    My favourite place in the Americas
    For it's relaxed and eclectic vibe, San Francisco. I love cities but enormous ones can be pretty intimidating - San Francisco is the perfect in-between. It has so much to do and see, and such diversity within one city - and of course, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

    My American idol
    Tough question! Either Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Britney Spears or Jack Dorsey - the inventor of Twitter.

    Where is next on your North America bucket list?
    I'd love to visit the Deep South - as a music lover, Nashville and New Orleans are definitely must-visit places.

    What is your favourite national park and why?
    Yosemite National Park is absolutely breathtaking. I also took my first major hike along the mist trail - I'd not been a huge hiker before, so it definitely pushed my comfort zone and endurance to the max. But when I reached the top, the view was something I'll remember forever.

  • Rich

    Rich - Managing Director
    My favourite place in the Americas
    Tough one, I'd have to say north of the '4 Corners' areas, near Durango and Moab, Utah. Not only is the climate and terrain varied to suit almost every adventure activity in the book, but sometimes I get the feeling I lived there in a past life, just feels like home. My close second would be Alaska.

    One reason I enjoy travelling in a small group
    There's always someone to talk to. People get all nervous about travelling with a bunch of strangers, but that's the best part! You probably have more in common with these 'strangers' from around the world than you do with some of your Facebook friends and work colleagues back home. What else would have brought you all together to experience the Americas in this way. I actually met my wife on one of our tours!

    My American icon
    It would have to be Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, for his classic novels The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn. "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    We're a small group of like-minded people from around the world... just like our tours! We all have fun at work, love what we do and I get to travel a lot. The only job I've liked more than what I'm doing now was actually leading tours back in the States. I reckon that's why I'm still here, paying off debts for all the fun I had when I was young.

  • Simon

    Simon - E-Commerce Executive
    My favourite place in the Americas
    Yosemite National Park for amazing hiking, enormous waterfalls and the breath-taking views around every corner.

    The best activity I did on my last trip
    I took the helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon and it blew me away. The moment you fly over the rim is an experience you'll never forget and to see a birds-eye-view of the canyon brings home just how big it really is; I'd recommend it to anyone.

    My American icon
    My list is endless, but to pick a favourite out the hat it's going to the classic Ford Mustang.

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    Working with a great team of people, with a passion for travel!

  • Toby

    Toby - Business Development Manager
    My favourite place in the Americas
    Banff, Canada, closely followed by Alaska and Patagonia . I will always be slightly biased having lived in the incredible Canadian Rockies , but my love of the mountains is a worldwide obsession. Alaska's rugged wilderness fits in with my passion of everything outdoors, mountains, hiking and an abundance of incredible wildlife.

    One reason I enjoy travelling in a small group
    You can go to the best places in the world, but if you are not with the right people, you won't have a good time. The small group allows you to get to know everyone that little better and share each moment with everyone in that group.

    The best activity I did on my last trip
    Heading out with 30 other nervous looking strangers and learning how to line dance in Nashville!

    Why I love working for Grand American Adventures
    Like with so many things in life, it's all about the people! We work in a small team with big experience!

Our Tour Leaders

  • Although they may not sit in our office our Tour Leaders are very much part of the team. Our leaders are chosen for their professionalism, unbridled passion to explore, they have hiked hundreds of miles of national park trails, slept under the stars and done almost every activity there and they are keen to introduce you to the places that they call home.

    Find out more about our Tour Leaders or read their tales from the road on our official blog site.

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