Monument Valley with Rainbow Here at Grand American Adventures we have a great love of travel photography, and the Americas provide no shortage of famous locations, dramatic landscapes and varied foci to act as the perfect backdrop for awe inspiring photos.

Our small group tours generally offer fantastic opportunities to get behind the lens of your camera and take those dream shots. Our style of travel means that you're up early enjoying the best light of the day as the sun rises and sets, but we are now bringing those of you with a special interest in photography something new; dedicated photography departures where you will be accompanied by an award-winning photographer.

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Special Photography Departures with Sue Bishop
  • Sue Bishop

    Our photography tours will be accompanied by award winning photographer Sue Bishop. Sue will be on hand throughout the tour to help participants with their photography, and to offer advice and tips. She will be happy to answer technical questions, discuss compositional considerations, or simply just to chat about all things photographic! Sue will be there ensure you get the most from your specialist and dedicated travel photography holiday.

    We are offering specialist photography departures on some of our most popular trips in three very diverse areas of the USA; the Desert Southwest, the Pacific Northwest and the North Eastern Maritimes area.

    On these trips you will get also discover the major sights and highlights, visit off-the-beaten-path locations and enjoy a whole range of exciting activities. As well as travelling with Sue Bishop, you will also be accompanied by an experienced Grand American Adventures tour leader.

    These trips are the perfect choice for anyone wanting to combine a love of photography with the chance to discover and explore some of the most amazing locations in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • I have never been on a photography tour before, what can I expect? Sue Bishop will be on hand throughout the day to help you with your photography and answer any photographic questions that you might have. Depending on timing, she may also hold informal group sessions to discuss some of the technical aspects of photography, and give constructive feedback on photos taken during the trip.

  • What type of camera do I need to join this tour? Any type of camera will be fine - Sue will be equally happy to help you with anything from a compact to a full DSLR.

  • Do I need to bring any other equipment? > Spare batteries and battery charger
    > Spare memory cards
    > A polarising filter (optional, but useful!)
    > Your camera manual, if you are not familiar with all the menus and functions
    > A laptop or iPad if you would like to upload your photos for Sue to review
    > Tripod (optional - see below)
    > Patience - part of taking a picture you are happy with is knowing that patience is important

  • Do I need a tripod? It is not essential to bring a tripod for this tour and these can be purchased along the way, although to maximise your pictures it certainly is recommended. If you do bring one, it's advisable to also bring a cable release or other remote release.

  • Can I charge my camera battery each night? As all photography departures are hotel based, you will able to recharge your camera batteries each night. It is important to bring the correct adaptor for the US and plan your time accordingly as the number of sockets in rooms can at times be limited.

  • What advice will Sue Bishop be able to assist with? Sue will be happy to help you with any questions that you may have, including technical aspects of photography (such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, depth of field and so on), and aesthetic considerations (such as composition, viewpoint, use of colour and light, etc.).

  • Will Sue assist with framing my photos and advise on correct camera settings? Yes - see above!

  • Is this tour open to open to all photography skill levels? Every photography departure is suitable for all skill levels, whether you are a keen amateur photographer or seasoned expert, you will be offered expert advice from Sue Bishop and tips on how to maximise on pictures taken.

  • What is the maximum of travellers on photography tour departures? The maximum amount of travellers on each photography departure is 12.

Photography Tours

    13 days | USA / Canada | Hotels

    Jul-Sep from


    Rugged, unspoiled and off the tourist trail, Northern New England and Canada's Maritime Provinces reveal their unique charm, rich history and hidden secrets to the intrepid travel photographer.

    Highlights: Acadia National Park | Prince Edward Island

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    7 days | Northwest USA | Hotels

    Jun-Aug from


    View spectacular scenery where rivers carve out the land and the Pacific Ocean rolls upon endless sandy beaches and rocky coasts. Hike amongst majestic mountains, lush rainforest and enjoy soothing hot springs and comfortable lodges.

    Highlights: Outstanding hikes | Incredible wildlife viewing

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    7 days | USA West | Hotels

    Jan-Dec from


    Situated in some of the most spectacular National Parks of the Southwest, enjoy active days and comfortable nights - this popular open age tour provides fabulous walking and sightseeing opportunities.

    Highlights: Zion | Monument Valley | Grand Canyon

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