travel-america The mere words "North America" conjure up all sorts of images - no doubt different ones for different people. But the common themes behind any plan to travelling America must be the "Big Cities" and the "Great Outdoors". The mixture of glass & steel, back road Americana, remote National Parks and unspoilt wilderness areas makes this continent truly unique.

But why visit just one area when you can travel around America and experience everything it has to offer. Our hand-picked USA travel itineraries offer a unique way to see the States and we firmly believe that our trips provide a more in-depth and fun experience than any fly-drive or coach tour ever could.

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The best way to travel the USA

  • Canada Group

    Small Groups are best! The majority of our trips have a maximum group size of 13 passengers plus an experienced tour leader. After many years of travelling around America we still firmly believe this to be the best way to travel. Our small vehicles allow us to blend into the scenery and get off the beaten track allowing us to travel as a local, not a tourist. We frequently leave the big coaches behind as we explore deeper into the National Parks and can easily make stops at small towns en route without having to wait for 55 people to "get ready".

  • Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Trail

    Your fellow passengers If you feel nervous or awkward travelling with people you don't know, then there's really no need to worry, after a matter of hours you will find that you are travelling with your new best friends. Our passengers come from all walks of life - and whether young or old, single or couples - everyone has a passion for travel and discovery. Whilst most passengers are 25-55, every year we have many people above and below this range. We also offer a range of dedicated family adventures if you are travelling with children or teenagers.

  • Tour Leader

    Leave the driving to us! Our highly trained and experienced tour leaders handle all the driving and arrangements throughout your tour across America giving you a stress free holiday. Our tour leaders come from all walks of life and in North America they are guaranteed to be American or Canadian. Our leaders have camped out under the stars, hiked the national parks, rafted the mighty Colorado and trekked throughout the world and are passionate about sharing these experiences with you, to ensure you get the most out of your adventure.

Featured Tours in America


    8 days | USA West | Hotels

    Jun-Sep from


    Explore the natural and man-made wonders of the west from the 'City of Angels' to the 'City by the Bay'. The Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip are rivalled only by the power and beauty of the hiking trails and wildlife of Yosemite National Park.

    Highlights: Yosemite | Grand Canyon | Las Vegas

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    10 days | USA West | Hotels

    Jun-Aug from


    Explore stunning national parks, experience world-class adventure activities and discover the very best of Colorado. With sandboarding, white-water rafting, biking and hiking included you're sure to be impressed with this incredible part of North America.

    Highlights: Rocky Mountain National Park | Telluride

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    13 days | USA West | Hotels

    Mar-Dec from


    From the 'City by the Bay' to the 'City of Angels', explore the man-made and natural wonders of the west. Yosemite Valley, Las Vegas Boulevard and the Grand Canyon are rivalled only by the power and beauty of the Navajo's sacred Monument Valley.

    Highlights: Yosemite | Zion | Bryce | Grand Canyon

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    15 days | USA West | Camping

    May-Sep from


    This adventure takes in the real 'Jewels in the Crown' of America's National Parks. With great hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, rafting and a truly unique Navajo guided jeep tour of Monument Valley, this tour shows the true American spirit.

    Highlights: 7 National Parks | Great Hikes & Activities

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    12 days | Northwest USA | Camping

    Jun-Aug from


    From colourful meadows and waterfalls to geothermal pools and glaciated rocky spires, this is a full-on walking trip through dramatic landscapes. Specialist local guides accompany you to spot and track wildlife including bears, wolves and eagles.

    Highlights: Yellowstone | Grand Teton | Glacier National Parks

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    13 days | USA / Canada | Hotels

    Jun-Sep from


    Explore cosmopolitan cities, small country towns and picturesque landscapes, and discover the New World for yourself. Colonial New England and French Canadian culture offer a perfect mix of yesterday and today.

    Highlights: Boston | Toronto | Montreal | Niagara Falls

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    12 days | USA South | Hotels

    Apr-Dec from


    A journey through America's cultural and musical heritage; back in time to the beginning of Country and Western and the birth of the Blues. Learn how these unique genres sprung out of America's past and how they've influenced popular music today.

    Highlights: New Orleans | Nashville | Memphis

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