There can't be that many names in America that instantly conjure up images of cowboys on horseback and clear blue skies that appear to go on forever however, Arizona is certainly one of them. Thanks to its proximity to 5 neighbouring states and almost 400 miles' worth of Mexican border, Arizona has a complexed and fascinating cultural identity and as the home of Navajo, Hopi and Apache Native American tribes, you'll discover numerous occasions to learn more as you explore. Aside from the people of Arizona, it's undoubtedly the landmarks that usually take top billing and from the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley , welcome to a land of mesmerising giants.

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  • Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Trail

    The Grand Canyon With the confluence of the Colorado River never ceasing in its quest to reach the Gulf of California it's no surprise that deep troughs and valleys have been left in its wake and if you're looking for the deepest and most-revered of them all then the Grand Canyon certainly won't disappoint. With a wide range of walking routes and look-out points dotted around the South Rim as well as the chance to explore deeper into the valley, this is just one of those locations that has to be seen close up to truly be respected.

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  • Monument Valley Road

    Monument Valley You'll have every right to experience a slight feeling of de-ja-vu when you explore Monument Valley as this is quintessential cowboy country where film directors, such as John Ford, helped form our imagination as to what it was like to survive in the Wild West. The home of the Navajo Nation is blessed with some incredible sandstone structures with isolated buttes appearing to rise from the Colorado Plateau as though they've been forced from the very centre of the earth. This is what Arizona trips are all about; from finding out more about the Navajos to taking stunning photographs, time in Monument Valley is always well spent.

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  • Rafting the Grand Canyon

    The Colorado River The Colorado River cuts an enormous swathe through the Colorado Plateau and in so doing forms some incredible landmarks along the way. Although the surrounding high desert regions of Arizona may appear somewhat bereft of life the Colorado River is an undeniable source of energy with over 1600 different species of plant and several hydroelectric power stations harnessing the river's natural resources. Fast-flowing rapids are an undeniable attraction and getting up close either on foot or afloat is the perfect way to enjoy just a fraction of almost 1,500 miles of meandering beauty.

Insider Tip: Local culture
Native American Headress

The vast desert plains and mountain foothills of Arizona have long been held in high regard by the Native American people who truly have the right to call the state their home. Visiting the Navajo Tribal Park in Monument Valley or the Havasupai Indian Reservation close to the Grand Canyon , will not only allow you to learn more about the traditions of these great nations but also presents no end of incredible landscapes from where to explore. Day hikes, trading posts and cultural exchanges make a visit to a Native American tribe a truly memorable experience.

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    Highlights: Yosemite | Grand Canyon | Las Vegas

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    Situated in some of the most spectacular National Parks of the Southwest, enjoy active days and comfortable nights - this popular open age tour provides fabulous walking and sightseeing opportunities for those of all interests.


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    Highlights: Raft the mighty Grand Canyon!

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