Bryce Canyon

If you're of a slightly pedantic nature then the name Bryce Canyon is slightly misleading as this beautiful natural rock formation is actually a series of gigantic amphitheatres, so calling it a canyon is not entirely accurate. Anyway, geological terminology aside, this is a mesmerising location in the southwest of Utah and from the pink and peach pigmentation of the rocks to the fascinating shard-like shapes (commonly known as hoodoos) if you're looking for a lesser-visited alternative to neighbouring Zion National Park then you won't be disappointed. With a series of well-posted day hike options as well as the chance to see an almost unrestricted array of stars at night, Bryce Canyon tours have got breathtaking natural beauty stamped all over them.

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  • The Bryce Amphitheatre As mentioned, not a canyon, a collection of amphitheatres and as such taking on a day hike to get a better look is exactly what's required if only to prove a point. Bryce Amphitheatre is the largest of them all (at around 12 miles long and 3 miles wide) which is a whole lot of hiking however, as there's car access to 13 scenic lookout spots, you'll still be able to marvel at an amazing array of weather-eroded rocks without having to wear out your best boots.

  • Peek-a-Boo Loop Thanks to a fairly severe and steep incline this 5 and a bit mile hike is pretty strenuous and can provide a real pull on the calf muscles. (Best advice is to saddle up and allow a horse or donkey to take the strain then you won't feel a thing.) Starting at Bryce Point you'll encounter a mesmerising mixture of towers, walls and windows as you make your way up to over 8000 feet and if you're hoping for hoodoos and views of Bryce Canyon then this is by far in a way the best path to follow.

  • Bryce Canyon Hoodoos

    Photography The long-eroded rock formations of Utah make for some exquisite photographic studies with archways and windows always providing a natural frame from which to capture no end of magical scenes. The faded rouge hues of Bryce Canyon are screaming out to be photographed and you'll be hard-pushed to choose from myriad shots taken over the course of the day. If you have the patience for long shutter speeds then photographing the night sky is going to provide you with some incredibly magical images that are going to be pretty hard to replicate anywhere other than southwest USA .

When to go
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As Bryce Canyon National Park attracts fewer visitors than neighbouring Zion , you'll find plenty of space pretty much all year round although, things can still get a little cramped during the months of July and August. As Bryce is at a higher elevation (up to 9000 feet), things can really cool down during the evening and if you're going to be hiking as the sun sets then remembering a few extra layers is just as important as packing your water bottles and sun screen. Bryce also has a propensity for more frequent storms during the winter months and this can make hiking, especially on steeper trails, pretty treacherous. Best advice is to visit during spring and autumn but do make sure you pack your thermals the closer you are to the winter as the night's sky is well-worth watching but all the more enjoyable if your teeth aren't chattering.

Insider Tip: Hiking Trails
Hiking in Bryce Canyon

Without a doubt, if you've heard about hoodoos then the Queen's Garden and Navajo Loop trail is going to be your best bet. These fascinating structures present quintessential images of Bryce Canyon with photography, painting and simply sitting all allowing fabulous opportunities to absorb and reflect. The hike will take you from Sunrise to Sunset Point along the rim of Bryce Canyon and has ample viewpoints and scenic spots to ensure you get your fair share of Utah moments over the course of a 3 mile round-hike.

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