Death Valley National Park
Death Valley National Park
Death Valley National Park
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Death Valley National Park

No matter how much you love city life, there comes a time when you need a little breathing space - even just for a few hours. Few breathing spaces compare to Death Valley National Park, which is the largest national park in the USA (excluding Alaska). Its wide open spaces are hot, dry and mercifully devoid of people. Moreover, they feature some highly unusual and utterly arresting landscapes that will captivate and clear your mind.

Take the time to explore the region's mudstone hills, dramatic canyons, sand dunes and salt flats, and you will find a land that couldn't be more different from crowded city streets.

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  • Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Pa

    Photography Death Valley's landscape could hardly be more dramatic. Its mixture of sand dunes, salt flats, rugged mountains, vast canyons and spring flowers make it an incredibly exciting place for the budding photographer. In fact, a huge 91% of the park is designated protected wilderness, which means there is a wealth of unspoiled landscapes to choose from. Moreover, different seasons offer different photographic opportunities, giving even more scope for unique shots.

  • Death Valley National Park

    Exploring mudstone hills and canyons One of the most exciting aspects of a visit to Death Valley is the chance to explore some truly unusual and inspiring landscapes. Standing in the face of beautifully coloured mudstone hills and huge, winding canyons, it's impossible not feel a sense of awe. Exploring these untamed areas of wilderness, you will be filled with a sense of adventure.

  • Death Valley

    Badwater Stand on the lowest spot on the continent in Badwater Basin, which is some 282 feet below sea level. This is not the only remarkable aspect of this part of the park; the salt flats here cover an incredible 200 square miles, making them among the world's largest protected salt flats. The landscape here is truly beautiful, and among the best spots for photographers in search of stunning shots.

When to go
Temperature chart - Death Valley

Overall, Death Valley is dry, sunny and clear all year round, which means it can be visited at any time of year. However, summers are extremely hot and dry, so outdoor activities need to be approached with caution. Spring is a good time to visit, with warm and dry weather without being too hot. It can get chillier at higher elevations during this time of year, though, so remember to pack accordingly.

Insider Tip
Death Valley

If you can visit Death Valley in the spring, you will have the chance of seeing one of its most beautiful wonders - an explosion of colourful spring flowers. Indeed, Death Valley has long been celebrated for its natural displays, which dust the desert with blooms in pink, white, gold and purple hues. However, conditions need to be absolutely perfect for such displays; the scenes at these times are utterly enchanting. Some years, the wildflowers are fewer in number, but fortunately they never disappear completely, so you can always get a sense of its spring beauty.

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