Glacier National Park

Few national parks are as magnificent and pristine as Glacier National Park. One of the only spaces in the lower 48 where Grizzlies roam in abundance, the park also boasts some of the country's most spectacular hiking trails, and the beautiful 'Going-to-the-sun Road'.

Scattered around the park are historic chalets and lodges reminding visitors of days gone by. The meadows full of wild flowers, the rugged mountain tops, and stunning glacial lakes all make Glacier National Park a must see destination when in the state of Montana. This 'Crown of the Continent' is the perfect place for hikers and photographers looking for some quality time in some of the best wilderness areas in the USA.

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  • Glacier National Park Lake McDonald Valley

    Lake McDonald Valley Dominated by the largest lake for miles around and promising plenty of perfect picnic spots by the water, Lake McDonald Valley is a peaceful and inspirational Glacier National Park hiking trail destination. Thanks to the mountain ranges which envelope the valley this area appears to be adrift from the rest of the park and as such you'll discover an exceptional amount of wildlife with deer, elk and bears all coming out of the foliage to make the most of the generous water hole.

  • Marmot

    Glacier's Wildlife Due, in part, to the moist and cool climate of Glacier NP the valleys positioned at a lower level tend to flourish and you'll find a rich blend of cedars, pines and firs making a shaded and protected place to trek. With such an abundance of natural protection comes a whole host of animals and it's rumoured that there are more than 50 different species of mammal indigenous to America which currently inhabit the park. Black bears, grizzlies, wolverines and cougars are all in attendance on the predatory side however, in the main, the likes of mountain goats, caribou, marmots and squirrels tend to be more prevalent and certainly friendlier if you're out and about.

When to go
Temperature chart - Glacier (USA)

Glacier National Park's position means that it's sandwiched between the warmth and the humidity of the Pacific Northwest USA and the chillier yet dryer air further inland which all adds up to a whole lot of rain. However, don't despair as thanks to the moisture you'll find a rich and abundant range of plants, flowers and foliage which are especially resplendent in the late spring/early summer, just after the thaw. As snow can still be found during the summer months, packing for every eventuality is always best advice and the higher up you go then the more colder and the more layers you'll require even during July and August. As Glacier NP has fewer crowds than neighbouring national parks, visiting during the summer is less crowded and all roads are more likely to be fully operational. Be prepared for rain but also plenty of peace and tranquillity - summer is your best bet.

Insider Tip: Iceberg Lake Trail
Glacier National Park Iceberg Lake Trail

If you're lucky enough to be visiting Glacier National Park during the months of June and July then prepare yourself for an incredible carpet of wild flowers that signals the start of the summer. The Iceberg Lake Trail, in particular, is incredibly scenic and thanks to terrain that's bereft of obstacle you'll be treated to the very best display of fauna around with a few chances to observe wild grouse, ground squirrels and big-horn sheep. This is a relatively gradual 4.5 mile ascent that leads to Iceberg Lake at 1,200 feet however, thanks to the spectacular summer scenery you're bound to be feeling giddy even without the higher elevation.

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    12 days | Northwest USA | Camping

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    From colourful meadows and waterfalls to geothermal pools and glaciated rocky spires, this is a full-on walking trip through dramatic landscapes. Specialist local guides accompany you to spot and track wildlife including bears, wolves and eagles.

    Highlights: Yellowstone | Grand Teton | Glacier National Parks

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