Grand Teton National Park

Often overlooked in favour of the much busier Yellowstone National Park which lies around 10 miles to the north, Grand Teton National Park consists of just over 300 acres of parkland including around 40 miles of Rocky Mountain peaks aka: the Teton Range.

The tallest mountain in the range soars to over 13,000 feet making it not only the second highest summit in Wyoming (Gannett Peak being number one) but also an absolute magnet for mountaineers and high-altitude hikers. With more than 200 miles of hiking routes, featuring: lakes, rivers and untouched ecosystems, Grand Teton tours are simply splendid and a definite must for those who favour snow-capped mountains and Kendall mint cake.

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  • Grand Teton National Park

    The Teton Range Thanks to the lack of lower peaks and prominent foothills, views of the Teton Range have been left relatively free from obstruction and as such you'll be presented with a landscape that appears from nowhere and continues high up into the clouds. The Cathedral Group in particular consist of some incredible peaks with Mount Owen, Teewinot and Buck Mountain all heading past 12,000 feet. This is where you come for your Grand Teton hiking trails just don't forget to pack a spare empty bottle if you plan to capture some of that uplifting mountain air.

  • Grand Tetons

    The Jackson Hole area Situated to the south of the Teton Range, Jackson Hole is well-known as a low-elevation valley region consisting of some of the most picturesque waterways in the whole of Grand Teton National Park. Hiking trails around Jackson Lake, in particular, are thoroughly worthwhile and if you get the chance to explore by boat you'll come across numerous islands as well as being surrounded by some of the finest mountain ranges in the whole of the Pacific northwest USA.

  • Snake River WY Rafting

    Snake River Rafting Jackson Lake gets the majority of its water from Snake River which pours in from the north prior to continuing its journey to the Pacific via the Jackson Lake Dam. As Snake River twists and turns for over 1000 miles (making it Columbia River's largest offspring), harnessing its power has long been a source of occupation for both hydroelectric and recreational purposes. White water rafting and more sedate options are both available on Snake River and if you're hoping to experience the beauty of Jackson Hole from a totally unique (and wetter) perspective then raise those paddles up high and hold on tight.

  • Yellowstone Wolf

    Wildlife Thanks to the Grand Teton National Park's contrasting elevations you'll discover several natural habitats ranging from high alpine tundra to fir-covered valley floors. This variety of environment equates to several different species of mammals and birds occupying the park with wolves, bears and even mountain lions calling the Tetons their home. More commonly sighted critters include otters, martens and marmots and more than 300 species of birds, making the Grand Tetons an absolute delight for wildlife lovers.

When to go
Temperature chart - Grand Tetons

The months bordering the summer, namely May and September, are pretty much the best times to visit the Tetons as you'll find fewer crowds and fairly mild and dry conditions. Basically, it depends on what you're into as the colourful foliage of October can be just as attractive as the fresh flowers of the spring and as long as you pack for every eventuality (layers are the key) you'll be able to experience no end of natural displays quite comfortably. Hiking in America can also be a little kinder in September as it doesn't tend to heat up quite so much and although trails won't be empty there will certainly be less footfall. White water rafting fans should certainly give June some thought as this is when the rivers will be at their highest although, don't forget, the majority of the water originates from melting snow so don't be surprised if the odd splash feels slightly icy.

Insider Tip: Amphitheatre Lake Walk
Grand Tetons Amphitheatre Lake Walk

This is the ideal trek if you're wishing to experience high-altitude over the course of a day and from flower-dotted alpine meadows to the chance to clamber over glacial moraine, the Amphitheatre Lake Walk is certainly up there with the best of them. With full views of Grand Teton and Amphitheatre Lake providing just a couple of scenic postcards this is a fairly strenuous 10 mile round hike but certainly worth the effort if you've got what it takes.

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