Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

Pine-fringed alpine lakes really don't come any more resplendent than this and if you're looking for things to do in Lake Tahoe then you'll be pretty much spoiled for choice no matter what season you're visiting. Water sports, hiking trails and snow-covered winter slopes make this one of the best spots for outdoor recreation anywhere in Southwest USA and from golf to gambling, getting bored is simply unheard of. This is the perfect place to learn a new activity or indulge in something you love and thanks to the reflective nature of Tahoe, sometimes just sitting and gazing across the water more than foots the bill.

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  • Emerald Bay State Park Trail

    Emerald Bay State Park Trail With its incredible granite rock formations and high-altitude (7000ft) panoramas, Emerald Bay State Park is pretty close to perfection and if you're hoping to gaze into the clear fresh water of Lake Tahoe then follow the trail and prepare your eyes for pure pleasure. One of the most-popular walking routes is the State Park Trail that's roughly 8 miles long and runs from Eagle Point to Lester Beach with a whole lot of pine-scented loveliness in between.

  • Mountain biking around Lake Tahoe

    Mountain Biking If walking isn't fast enough to get your pulse racing or you just fancy taking in as much of Lake Tahoe as possible then grab yourself a trusty mountain bike and push off into the wide blue yonder. With a rich variety of gradients and distances, mountain biking is one of the best-loved of all Lake Tahoe activities and from keeping fit to enjoy the downhill thrills, this is an excellent way to enjoy your day.

  • Kayaking in Lake Tahoe

    Kayaking For some, just seeing Lake Tahoe from a distance simply isn't enough and if you fancy kayaking on North America's largest alpine lake then right here is where you get the opportunity to do just that. As Lake Tahoe is over 20 miles long it can't be crossed in a day however, if you're more inclined to explore California at a more leisurely pace then you'll be happy to know that peace and tranquillity are yours to behold.

  • Lake Tahoe catamaran

    Catamaran cruise If kayaking is still far too strenuous an activity to get you interested in the calm waters of Lake Tahoe then why not let a catamaran crew take the strain? This is a completely lazy and relaxing alternative to pretty much everything else and if you just fancy letting your finger trace a line through the water or having a little snooze as the sun shines then more power to you. A catamaran cruise is an effortless means of viewing the shoreline from a new perspective and after a couple of hours afloat you'll be refreshed and ready for anything.

When to go
Temperature chart - Lake Tahoe

Thanks to Lake Tahoe's south-westerly location conditions do tend towards extremes with icy cold winters and gloriously warm summers. Of course, if you're into your skiing or snowboarding then you'll be made up with the snow fall and as it doesn't desist until end of April, there's plenty of time to enjoy the white stuff. As temperatures rise in the spring you will find a fair few rainy days prior to the summer taking a foothold however, with a lack of crowds and fresher conditions, this is generally considered to be the best time to visit. The same can be said for the autumn as the beach crowds leave and the foliage starts to turn prior to the first snow fall - fewer crowds, refreshing blue sky days and ample opportunities to stare wistfully out over water.

Insider Tip: Sunset catamaran cruise
Lake Tahoe Sunset

Thanks to Lake Tahoe's size and fabulous surroundings there's simply no better way to watch the sunset other than on the water and if you fancy doing it in some style then a catamaran cruise is certainly an enviable option. Position yourself on the trampoline and soak up the sun or allow your bare toes to almost cut a trace through the water, this is most definitely one of those unforgettable Tahoe moments that will stay with you for years to come. Of course, a glass of something cool and bubbly usually presents the perfect accompaniment to a sunset cruise.

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