Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde National Park cliff dwellings
Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde National Park

Standing out as one of the USA's most culturally captivating national parks, Mesa Verde in Colorado is celebrated for its fascinating heritage. Its cliff dwellings have made it particularly famous, but there are many other archaeological wonders to enjoy here. What's more, the park also possesses a medley of wonderful scenery and hikes that together make for an amazing, well-rounded experience.

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  • Mesa Verde Cliff Palace

    Cliff dwellings Few sights in Mesa Verde are more breathtaking than its cliff dwellings, which number more than 600. A true highlight of any visit, they are vestige of ancestral Pueblo life here. Built between the 6th and 12th centuries, these cliff dwelling are made of stone and some even house more than 100 rooms. These houses can be found at a higher altitude of more than 2,600 m, while there are a variety of other Pueblo architectural gems - even villages built on the Mesa top. Indeed, the Ancestral Pueblo people called the park their home for more than 700 years, and have left a wonderful heritage of towers, reservoirs and farming terraces, along with their cliff dwellings.

  • View from the Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde

    Bear Creek Falls hike The park offers a host of hiking trails in addition to its archaeological attractions, and this presents the perfect opportunity to appreciate its natural attributes. The nearby Bear Creek Falls hike in Telluride is particularly charming, and has the advantage of being quite a short, light hike that makes it suitable for people of various abilities. As its name suggests, it takes you to the beautiful Bear Creek Falls - a glorious sight at any time of day.

  • Mesa Verde visitor center

    Mesa Verde Visitor & Research Center Opened in 2012, the new Mesa Verde Visitor & Research Center is a fantastic addition to the park. As well as helping visitors understand what's available in the park and to get to grips with its history, it also has a state-of-the-art research and storage facility. The highlights for visitors include the insights offered into the Ancestral Puebloan culture, artworks focused on the Mesa Verde and park's museum and research collection. It also offers books, trail guides, maps and other items useful for your visit.

When to go
Temperature chart - Mesa Verde National Park

The best times to visit Mesa Verde National Park June, July, August and September, which see warm days paired with cool evenings. Naturally this period also draws the biggest crowds; to avoid these, and the most intense heat, arrive early or late in the season. The weather in the winter months is usually mild, but sees frequent snowstorms; these can last into May.

Insider Tip: Park Point
Mesa Verde National Park

If you want to enjoy one of the finest views in the USA, you can do so at Mesa Verde. Indeed, the park's highest point - known as Park Point - is widely regarded as one of the very best 360-degree views in the country. Why not pay it a visit and see if you agree?

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