Mount Rainier National Park

This is one of America's original national parks and the people of Washington State hold it in very high regard as does anyone who gets the chance to visit. Dominated by the monolith of Mount Rainier (which peaks at almost 15,000ft) you'll also find a wide range of rivers, forests and alpine pastures that make for some classic wildlife trails.

If you are planning on hiking in Mount Rainier National Park then taking on a portion of the 93 mile Wonderland Trail is always a great option as not only does it circumnavigate Mt Rainier it also incorporates some of the best landscapes for miles around.

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  • Mount Rainier

    Mount Rainier Any trips to the Pacific Northwest USA are bound to encounter more than their fair share of mountains and glaciers however, as far as volcanoes go, Mount Rainier sure does take some beating. Considered to be one of the most potentially dangerous stratovolcanoes on the planet (although non-active since the 1900's) it may come as some surprise that Seattle is only around 50 miles away. As you'd expect, the area surrounding Rainier is a lush blend of fertile valleys, flower-festooned meadows and more than 25 glaciers - perfect for a few days on the trail.

  • Mount Rainier Hiker

    The Skyline Trail This is a fairly reasonable hiking trail that's expected to take around four hours to complete at an elevation that won't take you above 2000ft. Incorporating the likes of Panorama Point, Stevens Van Trump Memorial and Myrtle Falls, the Skyline Trail is one of the most popular and provides an excellent view of Mount Rainier as well as plenty of perfect picnic pastures along the way. Note: A shorter alternative version can be undertaken by taking a cheeky shortcut back to the starting point via the Golden Gate Trail.

  • Mount Rainier Nisqually River

    The Rampart Ridge Trail Again, this trail is another popular one with day hikers and as it takes just over a couple of hours to complete you'll be able to tick it off the list before you settle down to lunch. The actual ridge part of the trail is formed of solidified lava that's been around from when Mount Rainier was active and the clear day views of the volcano and the Nisqually River Valley are both exceptional. Twitchers will be keen to learn that woodpeckers and grouse can often be heard throughout this region of America and although the Rampart Trail is steep in parts, the smells and sounds of the forest are bound to keep you energised until lunchtime.

When to go
Temperature chart - Mount Rainier

Although Mount Rainier was named after a British naval officer it could have quite easily have been coined due to the precipitation levels that fall throughout the year. As such you'll be well-advised to pack sensibly on your Mount Rainier tours with wet weather gear essential for keeping dry and enjoying the great outdoors. Winters can also be pretty treacherous for walkers with plenty of snow turning the slopes and glaciers of Mount Rainier into a skiing playground. The best time of year is probably going to be around April/May where wild spring flowers appear in abundance and potential week day crowds are mainly child-free. July and August are pretty popular with lots of sunshine providing opportunities to strip down to shorts and t-shirts with the old 'cag in a bag' safely stowed in your day pack, just in case.

Insider Tip: Grove of the Patriarchs Trail
Mount Rainier Patriach Grove

The slopes of Mount Rainier have long been attracting hikers and climbers with a blend of clean fresh air and fine views providing some of the best locations to get out and about in Washington State. One such well-trodden path is known as the Grove of the Patriarchs Trail which presents just over a mile and a half round-trip through a lowland area around the Osanapecosh River. Featuring a suspension bridge, some of the oldest Douglas Firs and Western Red Cedars on the planet, this is an amazing opportunity to walk within the realm of the natural giants of the Washington Cascades. Advice: if you need a word of advice then make sure you do some neck stretches prior to the off as you're guaranteed to spend the majority of your time looking up.

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