New England & Northeast USA

Leaf chasers, tea parties and bucket loads of European heritage make this north eastern nub an essential experience for anyone who fancies combining history with some exceptional countryside. Consisting of six different states and gently shoving the northern edge of New York , New England tours can consist of all manner of location and activity with: Maine, Vermont and the city of Boston always providing enough interest for most cultural and recreational visitors. With some formidable landscapes, getting outside is an absolute must and from the charming beach towns of Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard to the hillsides of Vermont and New Hampshire, it's easy to see why this is often cited as one of the best regions to live in the whole of the USA.

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Highlights & Activities
  • Van and trailer, White Mountains

    Fall Foliage If you really want to get into chasing the cascade of colour that occurs around mid-September then best advice is to start in the north and follow the fall southwards until you hit Rhode Island towards the end of October. All of New England's states are well-known for their wonderful natural displays of changing fall foliage and idly strolling through a thick carpet of red, yellow and orange leaves is pretty much par for the course prior to retiring to a cosy nook for hot soup and crusty bread.

  • Appalachian Trail view

    Appalachian Trail If you're considering undertaking the entirety of the Appalachian Trail then you may want to think again as this remarkable track will take you from Maine all the way south to Georgia which no doubt will prove a challenge to even the most resolute of walkers. However, taking on a tiny part of the Appalachian Trail is completely doable and as it slices through all but one of the states of New England (Rhode Island being the exception) this is a great chance to add your own personal stamp on an absolute east coast icon.

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  • Acadia National Park

    Acadian Maritime Culture & Acadia National Park Lapping at the shores of Maine, the never ceasing swells of the Atlantic provide untold opportunities to sit and stare at the beautiful landscape that surrounds you and appreciate the Acadian Maritime culture. Featuring numerous mountains, woods and lakes from where to walk and enjoy the views, the more than sought after locale of Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park is definitely a highlight of any trip to the East Coast.

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  • Boston Red Sox

    Boston As the largest city in New England it's unsurprising that Boston is just one of those places that you really have to visit if you're passing or pausing on your New England holidays. Everywhere you look you'll find pockets of the past with black heritage and the American revolution both represented in equal measures. Aside from the history trails, Boston also holds no end of galleries, theatres, restaurants and cafés to make use of throughout the year. A trip to see the iconic Red Sox play will bring you closer to the locals than might be considered advisable when a game is on!

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  • New York, Times Square

    New York Heading south across the border into the state of New York is certainly an option if you're planning on travelling whilst in New England with the Big Apple, the Catskills and Niagara Falls all ready and waiting to make your acquaintance. Although mainly recognised as the home of NYC, New York state also features more than 20 national parks so if you've not discovered enough wide open spaces in New England then perhaps a trip south of the border may just do the job.

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Insider Tip: Canoeing in New England
Kayaking during the Fall

Canoeing in New England is a truly magical affair and often has to be done purely for practical reasons i.e. you need to get across that darn lake one way or another. Throughout the region you'll find plenty of chances to hire a vessel for hardly any money whatsoever and even if you need to paddle across a lake in order to find the trail head on the opposite side then it's still well-worth the cost of an hourly rate. Hire, paddle, moor, hike and return - what could be simpler?

Tours that visit New England


    13 days | USA / Canada | Hotels

    Jul-Sep from


    Rugged, unspoilt and off the tourist trail, Nova Scotia, Northern New England and Canada's Maritime Provinces reveal their unique charm, rich history and hidden secrets to the more intrepid traveller.

    Highlights: Acadia National Park | Prince Edward Island

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    13 days | USA / Canada | Hotels

    Jun-Sep from


    Explore cosmopolitan cities, small country towns and picturesque landscapes, and discover the New World for yourself. Colonial New England and French Canadian culture offer a perfect mix of yesterday and today.

    Highlights: Boston | Toronto | Montreal | Niagara Falls

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    11 days | USA East | Camping

    Aug-Oct from


    Perfect fall foliage and idyllic trails await you on this walking tour of North East USA. Explore the Appalachian Trail's valleys, peaks and thick forests with guided daily hikes, and then swap stories around the campfire on this invigorating walking holiday!

    Highlights: Berkshire Mtns | Mt Washington | Baxter

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