There are untold reasons why well-seasoned travellers head to the Mid-west state of Utah and if dramatic rock formations ( Arches National Park ) and stunning sandstone canyons ( Zion National Park ) are your thing then you might just wish to join them. Boasting no fewer than 5 national parks, Utah is an outdoor enthusiast's dream destination and promises a whole heap of incredible landscapes where scenic trekking, wildlife watching and stunning sunsets, are just part of every day life. With iconic locations such as Salt Lake City, Monument Valley and Bryce Canyon at your disposal, it's easy to see why Utah is a 'must visit' state with bags of potential for adventure.

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Top 5 Highlights
  • Zion National Park

    Zion National Park Stretching for almost 230 square miles and featuring an absurd amount of canyons, cliffs and cultural heritage, Zion National Park is without doubt one of Utah's most incredible destinations. Mountain trails and riverside walks can be found in abundance and stunning rock formations, such as: Big Bend, Weeping Rock and the Great White Throne, all make for some incredible moments. From deserts and emerald pools to wildlife and history museums, Zion is an incredible location with a mind-boggling array of things to see and do.

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  • Bryce Canyon

    Bryce Canyon National Park Located in the southwest of Utah and famed for its weather-worn 'hoodoos', Bryce Canyon provides a lunar spectacle that is quite simply out of this world. Aside from the queer-shaped desert pinnacles, Bryce is also well-known for its spectacular colouring and the ochre, terracotta and salmon pink natural rock pigmentations present infinite opportunities for lovers of photography. Covering just over 55 square miles, and much less visited than other national parks, if you're hoping to discover a truly exceptional natural phenomenon then Bryce certainly ticks all the right boxes.

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  • Canyonlands

    Canyonlands Ideally located, close to Moab, Canyonlands National Park is carved into several distinct areas, including: the Island in the Sky, the Needles, the Maze and the Colorado Plateau which features both the Green and the Colorado rivers. There simply is no other way to describe Canyonlands other than magical and, as you follow your Utah travel guide across well-worn trails, you'll be taken to a succession of breath-taking viewpoints where picnic spots and 'where's my camera?' moments go hand in hand. `Must see': the Mesa Arch at dawn has to be seen to be believed.

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  • Iain Shiels - Arches

    Arches National Park Arches is one of Utah's finest national parks and home to the legendary Delicate Arch that stands at 20 metres tall and has become an iconic landmark for not just the park but for the whole state. With over 2000 beautiful arcs of sandstone to discover the attraction to Arches is obvious and monolithic natural structures, such as: The Organ, the Fiery Furnace and the Tower of Babel, do nothing to hinder the park's mythical reputation. From ancient rock engravings to myriad sunset trails, this is indeed what exploring in Utah is all about.

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  • Monument Valley Road

    Monument Valley If you're a fan of classic westerns then the isolated rock formations that stand juxtaposed against the infinite blue sky of Monument Valley will conjure up some quintessential John Ford moments. The legendary sandstone buttes of 'Totem Pole', 'The Thumb' and the 'Three Sisters' are superb and if you're lucky enough to catch the sunrise as you cross Route 163 then you're in for a real treat. Monument Valley is also one of the spiritual homes of the Navajo Tribe and the visitor centre is well-worth including on all Utah tours, especially if you're interested in the heritage of this great Native American nation.

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Insider Tip: Angels Landing, Zion
Zion National Park

The walk to Angel's Landing in Zion National Park was originally carved in the early 1920's and measures just over two miles as it follows the course of the Virgin River. The views of Zion Canyon and beyond are simply jaw-dropping and, thanks to some rather opportune paving as the ascent gets steeper, it's possible to undertake the journey without too much difficulty. Once you've finally negotiated over 20 switch backs (Walter's Wiggles) and made the final push over Scout Lookout, the last half mile is where you will use a chain to haul yourself to the top and once you're there you'll be treated to an incredible panorama some five thousand odd fee about sea-level - fortune favours the brave!

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