Zion National Park

Weighing in at 15 miles long and half a mile deep, it's pretty tricky not to spot Zion Canyon and no trip to Zion National Park can fail to take in the magnitude of this mighty russet red trench. This is where the Mojave Desert meets the Colorado Plateau and thanks to the Virgin River (a tributary of the Colorado River) you'll find numerous species of plants, birds, mammals and reptiles which all call the park their natural home. Aside from the plant and wildlife, Zion National Park is also well-known for an incredible wealth of landscapes that have been formed since time began and if you fancy trekking within the realm of: mountains, canyons, buttes and natural sandstone arches, then there's no finer place in the whole of Southwest USA .

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  • Emerald Pools, Zion

    Emerald Pools Thanks to a relatively easy incline you'll find Zion's fabled Emerald Pools to be as accessible as they are enchanting and from scenic rest stops to sublime swim spots, this is one of the park's most popular and best-loved locations. There are 3 main pools (upper, middle and lower), to be found amongst the spray-engorged ferns and cotton wood trees, with well-maintained pathways (some paved) providing the perfect option for a morning or afternoon stroll.

  • Hike to Angels Landing, Zion

    Hike to Angels Landing in Zion National Park As far as scenic trails go, following the course of the Virgin River, ahead of undertaking a series of superbly named switchbacks (Walter's Wiggles), as you make your ascent to almost 6000 feet, has to be up there with the best of them. The last stretch from Scout Lookout to the summit of Angels Landing is definitely not for the feint-hearted although, if you can hold your nerve on this fairly strenuous trail then fortune certainly favours the brave - go for it!

  • Zion Narrows

    The Narrows Aptly named but none the less a surprise, the Zion Narrows present just over 15 miles of carved sandstone walls that stretch towards a thin ribbon of blue sky some 2000 feet up. This is not a trail to be attempted lightly and chances of getting wet feet are pretty much par for the course. However, if you're prepared for the sound of trickling water, dripping hanging gardens and beautiful sandstone grottos then a bit of river wading certainly won't put you off.

  • Horseriding in Zion

    Horseback riding Zion National Park hikes are one thing but the chance to explore on horseback presents another sort of fantasy altogether. Imagine following a trail through steep sandstone walls before appearing at a hidden grotto whereupon you allow your horse to take on some water as you alight and refill your canteen. Horseback riding in Zion is just like being a cowboy and anyone who's a fan of Westerns will certainly find themselves watching out for tomahawks and arrows around every canyon corner.

When to go
Temperature chart - Zion

Zion is seasonal and as such you'll experience a range of temperatures and an ever-changing foliage throughout the year. Summers in Utah can get pretty hot and you'll stand every chance of getting drenched from an afternoon thunderstorm which normally occurs during July and August. With these factors in mind, the best times of year to visit are pretty much spring and autumn as there are less crowds, less heat and less chance of flash floods and getting caught out in the rain. If you prefer even fewer people and even milder temperatures then the winter is ideal and as snow fall is rare you'll almost get the park to yourself as well as having the chance to enjoy a lie in rather than having to get up to beat the crowds. Note: best advice for uncrowded hiking in the summer is an early start and to choose a few routes that are off the beaten track, for example: the Kolob Canyons that can be found in the northwest of the park.

Insider Tip: Cool off in the Virgin River
Virgin River, Zion

There are numerous ways to beat the heat in Zion National Park and from floppy hats to early morning starts, you're bound to find the right method to suit you. However, if you don't mind getting wet then undoubtedly the best means of staying cool in the summer is to get kitted out with a pair of old trainers, a swim suit and waterproof sunscreen before jumping on-board an inflatable tube and floating down the Virgin River. Fast-flowing rapids and lazy old meandering means that tubing in Zion is the only way to travel.

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