Canyonlands Containing 5 National Parks and 43 state parks, Utah is a delight for the senses with landscapes which feel like they were hand-crafted to be explored.

One of the most standout features of the state is its abundance of red rock landscapes, rarely found in any other part of the world and strikingly different from each National Park to the next. Each new scene brings with it a plethora of activities to enjoy - hiking, biking, canoeing, rafting and fishing opportunities are never far away. For the creative traveller, the scenes which unfold before you are begging to be photographed; so make sure you charge your camera well!

Grand American Adventures takes you to 4 of the 5 National Parks within Utah - each with its own distinct personality.

  • Zion National Park

    Zion National Park Named "Zion" (meaning "place of refuge") by Mormon pioneers, this spectacular National Park is known for its cliff and canyon landscape, and especially for the narrow-slot canyons which visitors can hike deep into. Trails for hikers of all abilities make this one of the most varied National Parks in the west for walkers. Hike the 'narrows', explore the main canyon with its emerald pools and wooded valley or venture high up to Angels Landing, for staggering 360 degree views over the park.

  • Canyonlands

    Canyonlands National Park This sprawling National Park is comprised of countless canyons, mesas and buttes separated into 3 districts - Island in the Sky, the Needles and the Maze. You can get a good idea of what each one offers from their names, and Canyonlands never disappoints with hiking, biking, boating or back-country four-wheel-driving on the cards. Stargazing is also especially popular here with high-definition skies available on clear desert nights.

  • Monument Valley Road

    Monument Valley Not technically a National Park but certainly one of the most famous locations in the Desert Southwest. Perhaps the most photographed location in America, this valley of monoliths and buttes has been a favourite Hollywood backdrop for years. It's true 'Cowboy & Indian' lands, with the Navajo people still occupying this great land. They are understandably very proud of their sacred homelands and love to share it with visitors on guided horseback and jeep tours.

  • Bryce Canyon National Park

    Bryce Canyon National Park The original inhabitants of Bryce, the Paiutes, believed that what they saw before them when gazing into the valley were people turned to stone by angry gods. We now know that the rose-coloured spires, pinnacles, fins and mazes collectively known as 'Hoodoos' are the result of a rare geological phenomenon thanks to erosion over thousands of years. Hike to Inspiration Point for great views, or take a horseback trail ride among the nonsensical landscape.

  • Rafting

    Arches National Park There are no prizes for guessing how this National Park got its name. More than 2,000 natural red sandstone arches illustrate a million years of history in the making. Over the millennia, sand storms and evaporation of sea water from thousands of years ago have created a jaw-dropping spectacle and to really appreciate the scale of this wonder you need to venture out on foot. An 18 mile loop trail will introduce you to brilliantly coloured pinnacles, arches, faults and fossils.

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