Lake Louise, Alberta

From kayaking and canoeing in the summer to ice skating and cross-country skiing in the winter, there's not much that you can't do around these parts.

Lake Louise Tours

Lake Louise ToursLike an infinite mirror reflecting the glacial hues of the surrounding mountain peaks, Lake Louise is just one of those places that you can't help falling head-over-heels in love with.

As you can imagine, photographers at sunset are as natural as maple syrup for breakfast - although, as the lake is well-over a mile long, there's no need to worry about fighting for space.

Aside from the chances to go all 'David Bailey', Lake Louise holds plenty more opportunities for lovers of the great outdoors and you'll find a splendid choice of hiking trails and water-based activities to enjoy within a truly exceptional setting.

This is one of Banff's most beautiful spots and if you're looking for a perfect place to perch and ponder then prepare for paradise. 

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Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise Insider Tips

Taking the perfect photo
If you are hoping to capture the reflective qualities of Lake Louise, one of the best methods is to grab a wet bag, stow your camera and head on to the water on top of a kayak. Probably best to have a bit of a practise first but once you get the hang of bobbing about then the photographic rewards are infinite. Also, if you don't fancy combining sketchy kayak skills with an expensive camera then why not try pitching a tripod as the sun sets for some really excellent images of pine-covered mountain slopes juxtaposed against an orange, pink and purple painted backdrop.
When to go
As with all trips in the Canadian Rockies the higher up you are the more changeable the conditions are likely to be and packing an extra fleece or rain mac is standard practice even in the summer months. That said, the glacial thaw that should be complete around June makes for a thoroughly enticing time of year however, be warned, the holiday season during July and August can make Lake Louise a tad busy. As a rule of thumb: May, June and September are pretty much the best times to visit unless you're after snow and then, of course, winter rules apply.
Highlights & Activities

Lake Louise Tour Highlights

The area around Lake Louise is revered by hikers and outdoor enthusiasts the world over. Legendary trails, such as the Plain of Six Glaciers, are just as exciting as they sound; and exploring Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria is an experience not to be missed.
A peaceful and meditative way to make the most of your day and as you drift effortlessly, occasionally dipping your paddle into the deep dark waters, you'll be taken back in time to the realm of the Native Americans and a life that was a whole lot simpler.
A wide-angled or landscape lens is exactly what you'll need in the Canadian Rockies, to capture the full extent of the stunning scenery. As far as hobbies go, photography in Banff is up there with the best of them - the landscape does most of the work for you!
Wildlife Watching
With over 250 different species of birds as well as the chance to see Grizzlies, Black Bears, cougars and moose in their natural habitat, wildlife-watching in Lake Louise is pretty much par for the course no matter what you're intending to do with your days.

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