The visa requirements for your trip may vary depending on where you are going, and where you are from. It is important that you check which visas you will need, and apply for each of the necessary visas whilst in your home country.

USA Visa & Entry Rules

USA Visa & Entry Rules

Holders of UK, Australian, New Zealand and most EU country passports are eligible to travel to the USA under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The Visa Waiver program is open to people for travel in the USA for up to a 90 day stay. Any person who is planning on travelling to the USA under the Visa Waiver Program must complete the online pre-registrationand receive approval via the US Embassy website's Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) before travelling to the USA.

See eligible countries under the Visa Waiver Program on the US Embassy website.

All travellers wishing to enter the US under the Visa Waiver Program will need to hold a passport with an integrated chip (an ePassport). New rules also exclude from the VWP most people who have travelled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria since 1 March 2011, and those who have dual nationality of these countries. This means that existing ESTAs could be revoked, and you will instead need to apply for a visa from the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.

If you are planning to transit in the USA or intend to stopover on the way to your destination, you will still need to apply for an ESTA. You must apply for your ESTA at least 72 hours before travelling to the USA. Your ESTA will be valid for a period of two years, or until your passport expires. We recommend you carry your ESTA approval with you when you travel.

Read the ESTA FAQ's on the US Embassy website for more information.

Please only complete the form provided through the blue button link below. (This is the official link for applications. There are a number of companies you may find online who will charge you an unnecessary fee for the service of guiding you through the completion of the forms). Registration is a simple process that will only take a few minutes to complete. You will require your passport details and your address in the US (you can use the starting point hotel address). At the time of writing there is a USD$14 fee for the electronic approval (ESTA.). Please note, US citizens need a valid passport to cross US borders.

The ESTA form will request your Point of Contact as well as Address while in the USA. The point of contact is our operation's office in California.

American Adventures Travel
77 W. Third Street
Santa Rosa, CA,
Tel: 707-523-1800

Your address while in the USA will be the name and address of the first hotel or residence you stay at on arrival. If you are using our departure hotel, the details are printed on the tour dossier.


Register for ESTA here

Canada Visa & Entry Rules

Canada Visa & Entry Rules

The Government of Canada have introduced a new entry requirement, known as an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), for some international travellers flying into Canada. Citizens from countries other than the US who do not require a visa to enter Canada will be required to obtain an eTA before entering the country. Eligible travellers will need to go online to apply for their eTA.

Please note: This ONLY applies to travellers arriving by air. So if you are entering Canada by land or sea you do not need an eTA visa. If you are planning to transit by air in Canada or intend to stopover on the way to your destination, you will still need to apply for an eTA to the landing pages. 

If you planning to transit, or intend to stopover in the USA on your way to or from Canada you will also need to follow the rules of entry to the USA.

To apply for your eTA you will need your passport, credit or debit card and an email address. At the time of publication there is a CAD$7 fee to process your eTA. Your eTA will be valid for a period of fi ve years, or until your passport expires. We recommend you carry a print out of your eTA approval when you travel. Please visit to apply.

If you have not applied for and received authorisation via an eTA prior to travel you may be denied boarding, experience a delayed processing or be denied admission at the Canadian point of entry. However, neither possession of a visa nor meeting the basic requirements for travelling visa-free on the eTA, guarantees admission to Canada. As with most countries, the final determination of admissibility is made by immigration officials at the port of entry.

Barring any other convictions, if an eTA applicant has been recently (within the last 5 years) convicted of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, they will probably be found criminally inadmissible to Canada and be refused an eTA. Applicants with a drink driving conviction are eligible to apply for rehabilitation if 5 years have elapsed since their sentence was completed. If you have had a criminal conviction or driving offence find out more at the Canada Government website.


Register for eTA here

Visa Requirements for other destinations

Visa Requirements for other destinations

Visas are not currently required by holders of UK, EU, Australian, New Zealand or US passports for the following countries:

- Canada (see above)
- Costa Rica
- Mexico
- Guatemala
- Belize
- Honduras
- Nicaragua
- Panama

Other nationalities should consult the relevant embassy.

We keep the above visa information as up to date as possible, but it is important that you check this for yourself