Cusco, Peru

The cobble-stoned streets are dotted with ancient Incan buildings, as well as Baroque structures from the colonial period like the Grand Cathedral. There's also an exciting nightlife scene, with cafes, restaurants and bars for all tastes.

Cusco Tours

Cusco ToursThis one time capital of the Inca Empire and former Spanish colony is awash with cultural heritage and ancient architecture. Any trip to Cusco will leave you enthralled and eager to find out more about the past.

Thanks to the city's high-altitude location (above 11,000ft), Cusco has become an excellent prelude to those undertaking the Inca Trail, with chances to acclimatise and study Inca ruins, whetting the appetite for what lies ahead.

Quite rightly designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and containing many significant sights (including pre-Columbian churches and colonial buildings) it's no surprise that Cusco is considered to be a 'must see' on any visit to Peru and well-worth at least a couple of days' worth of sightseeing and general relaxation. 

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Cusco, Peru

Insider Tips

The Fallen Angel
Located a couple of roads away from the Plaza del Armas, the Fallen Angel restaurant is one of the most bohemian and artisan places to eat, drink and be merry in the whole of Cusco and well-worth at least a cocktail whilst you acclimatise. With a décor resembling a cross between a Parisian boudoir and an artist's palette, this is the ideal hang-out. The menu isn't quite as extensive as some other venues, but The Fallen Angel is a great place to try coy (guinea pig) and booking in advance is recommended.
When to go
Thanks to the high altitude, Cusco is known for days that are divided between very hot and very cold with the late afternoon and early evening sometimes presenting your first taste of freezing temperatures. Peak season for tourists is the summer time with July and August attracting the most crowds. The summer is mainly dry, but whatever the time of year, things can turn chilly fairly rapidly. The best times of year to visit are October or in the spring (April/May) when you will not only find milder weather but fewer crowds.
Highlights & Activities

Cusco Tour Highlights

Sacsayhuaman & Sacred valley
Lying on the outskirts of Cusco, Saksaywaman is a ruined walled fortress type complex that was no doubt built to protect the city from invaders. Getting up early to visit the site and see the mist rise from the Sacred Valley is a must.
Plaza del Armas
As with any great and noble city, the central square is often the place of some of the most significant points in its history, and Cusco's Plaza del Armas (Square of the Warrior) is absolutely no exception. Today you'll find a blend of cafés, greenery and restaurants.
Local Market - San Pedros
This vast open-air complex of stalls, vendors and sellers on blankets is definitely a great introduction to every-day life in Cusco. Aside from breads and pastries there's also a wide range of weird and wonderful things that can be purchased.

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