Arizona, Southwest USA

This is the desert destination that you've always dreamed about visiting! From stunning movie-set backdrops to stretching skies that seem to go on forever, a trip to Arizona is an amazing experience and one that you'll never forget.

Arizona Tours

Arizona ToursThere can't be that many names in America that instantly conjure up images of cowboys on horseback and clear blue skies that appear to go on forever however, Arizona is certainly one of them.

Thanks to its proximity to five neighbouring states and almost 400 miles' worth of Mexican border, Arizona has a complexed and fascinating cultural identity. As the home of Navajo, Hopi and Apache Native American tribes, you'll discover numerous occasions to learn more as you explore.

Aside from the people of Arizona, it's undoubtedly the landmarks that usually take top billing and from the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley, welcome to a land of mesmerising giants.

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Arizona, Southwest USA

Arizona Insider Tips

Local culture
The vast desert plains and mountain foothills of Arizona have long been held in high regard by the Native American people who truly have the right to call the state their home. Visiting the Navajo Tribal Park in Monument Valley or the Havasupai Indian Reservation close to the Grand Canyon , will not only allow you to learn more about the traditions of these great nations but also presents no end of incredible landscapes from where to explore. Day hikes, trading posts and cultural exchanges make a visit to a Native American tribe a truly memorable experience.
When to go
Spring and autumn (particularly May and September) are both good times to plan your tour in Arizona, as temperatures are cool in the mountains and warm in the desert without being too extreme either way. If you're planning on visiting in July and August, the heat will be on - but be aware of flash floods that occasionally take place. The desert can be cold as well as hot all year round, so be sure to pack adequate clothing. Arizona winters are often pleasantly warm, but snow can still be seen in the earlier months of the year.
Highlights & Activities

Arizona Tour Highlights

The Grand Canyon
With the Colorado River never ceasing in its quest to reach the Gulf of California, it's no surprise that deep troughs and valleys have been left in its wake. Looking for the deepest and most-revered of them all? The Grand Canyon certainly won't disappoint.
Monument Valley
You might well experience a slight feeling of de-ja-vu when you explore Monument Valley as this is quintessential cowboy country, where film directors such as John Ford helped form our imagination as to what it was like to survive in the Wild West.
The Colorado River
The Colorado River cuts an enormous swathe through the Colorado Plateau, forming some incredible landmarks along the way. Fast-flowing rapids are an undeniable attraction and getting up close either on foot or afloat is the perfect way to enjoy them.

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