Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

With a wide range of walking routes and look-out points dotted around the Rim as well as the chance to explore deeper into the valley, this is just one of those locations that has to be seen close up to truly be respected.

Grand Canyon Tours

Grand Canyon ToursThis stunning landmark, in the state of Arizona, has become one of America's most popular natural attractions and if you get the chance to experience this incredible canyon for yourself, then get ready to be amazed.

Stretching for almost 300 miles and plunging to depths of over 6000 feet, there's plenty of rock to go round and viewing points from the south and west rims enable some jaw-dropping moments.

Aside from the views, you'll also discover plenty of opportunities to get active with hiking trails, river rapids and even helicopter flights providing more than enough reasons to head way out west.

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Grand Canyon Insider Tips

Insider Tip: Plateau Point Trail
Plateau Point Trail is one of the Grand Canyon's most scenic routes and if you're equipped with a day-pack and your trusty walking boots then you're in for a real gem to remember. Plateau Point Trail can be accessed via the wonderfully named Indian Garden, along the Bright Angel Trail, and will take you to some 1300 feet above the gushing waters of the Colorado River. This is an incredible chance to sit and stare at some of the greatest scenery on earth and a fantastic photo opportunity.
When to go
Expect a lot of sun and plenty of dry heat on our Grand Canyon holidays with temperatures of 40C during the summer that dramatically fall to below zero in the winter months. You may find a few storms around late August and September although these waves of wetness are usually quite refreshing. As a rule: the higher up you are, the hotter you'll be and make sure you take plenty of sun protection when walking the rim and a few extra layers if you're making the descent towards the canyon floor.
Highlights & Activities

Grand Canyon Tour Highlights

You will have a choice of trails for all fitness levels, ensuring you have the opportunity to explore as much as possible. Both of the canyon's rims holdbreath-taking views of the inner canyon, and it's even possible to hike the Bright Angel Trail to some 4000 feet below.
Helicopter Flight
There can be few moments that match the thrill of swooping over the coloured rocks of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River, and if you fancy spending up to 45 minutes acting like an eagle, then a once-in-a lifetime helicopter flight allows you to do just that.
River Rafting
The Colorado River is an awesome force of nature and if the temptation to don a buoyancy aid and try your hand at white-water-rafting is too much to bear, crying 'Geronimo' as you rush downstream is a quite incredible, hard to resist experience.

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